Become A Pro Barber In These Top 15 Best Barber Schools in Oklahoma

Best Barber Schools in Oklahoma: Do you want to become a barber? Then you are not alone as this article is just for you if you are a resident of Oklahoma. There is high demand for Babers in Oklahoma and the world at large because of their excellent job opportunities, good salary, and top-notch services.

It is very vital that you know and understands the best school for your barbing career and this article states the best barber schools in Oklahoma and everything you need to know about it.

What Every student needs to know:

If you are interested to become a barber in Oklahoma, you need to enroll in at least two years of an intensive program. You also need to work very hard as you won’t be able to skip the program and expect to succeed.

Also, you need to make a good research on the best schools that matches your interest by visiting their website and knowing their available services before making your decision to enroll in the school. Knowing the barbering tools available in every school is also important

If you are planning to be a licensed barber in Oklahoma then there are some requirements you need to meet which include;

  • At least 1,000 hours of practical training
  • An associate degree from an accredited school etc.

Make sure to research their requirements as it will help you choose the right career for you.

Some might be asking about things they will learn in a barber program, well you will learn how to;

  • cut hair
  • give facial treatment
  • style hair
  • make makeup.

Barbering Services in Oklahoma;

Many cosmetology schools in Oklahoma offer barbering courses that will give you the adequate skills you need to render quality services.

It might interest you that Barber Schools in Oklahoma are accredited by the NBCC (National Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists) which entails meeting high standards in education.

Barber Schools in Oklahoma
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Below are the services offered by Barbers schools in Oklahoma;

a).  Haircutting:

Acquiring a haircutting certificate in Oklahoma would grant you the necessary knowledge and skills you need to work in different salons.

Upon completion of the haircutting program, you can work as a Barber or Salon manager. Haircutting would expose you to learning how to;
✓ cut hair with sharp razor blades properly
✓ understand different types of hair
✓ how to style your clients’ hair to give professional appearances.

b) Styling:

Another vital aspect of barbering is styling, you would be able to make your customers look great if you learn to style very well.

The styling program would teach you haircutting and styling techniques. Graduating from the Best Barber Schools in Oklahoma would improve your skills in other areas like product knowledge and other hair styling techniques.

c) Chemical Processes:

Enrolling in this program would teach you everything about the chemical processes involved in barbering. You would get to know the differences that are used and how you can apply them correctly.

The program also covers basic haircutting and styling as well as a safety procedure. This course is for you if you wish to become a successful barber out there.

d) Color Applications:
This program is built to help stylists and barbers as they will learn and master how to apply color using different varieties of techniques. You would also learn how to style both men’s and women’s haircuts in this program.

This knowledge and skills will help you secure easy employment in the industry.

e) Straight Razor Shaves:

You would learn how to use a straight razor, scalp massage, and hot towel treatment in this program. Remember that Barber Schools graduates are in high demand because of their unique skills in a traditional and modern style of shaving.

Enrolling in the straight razor shave program would also teach the 3-5-7 shaving technique as well as the double edge safety razor application.

f) Beard Trimming & Facial Hair Maintenance:

Barber schools in Oklahoma also teach students beard trimming and facial hair maintenance. You would also learn about the various skin conditions that can affect your face.

You can provide quality services in your area with this knowledge and skills.

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State Rules & Industry Regulations in Oklahoma:

Barbers must abide by some state rules and industry regulations if they must practice their profession legally.

Barber Schools in Oklahoma must complete at least 125 hours of coursework which will include subjects like;

  • hair styling
  • cosmetology and anatomy
  • Physiology.

Lastly, you must also pass a state board examination to be an eligible barber in Oklahoma.

Barber Schools in Oklahoma:

Here are the top 15 Best Barber schools in Oklahoma you can enroll in to turn your barber dreams into a mind-blowing career. You can visit their website to know more about this school and how to apply.

1: JB’s Hair Design & Barber College:

  • 10+ years in business.
  • Contact Number: +1 405-601-8700
  • School Website: www.jbsbarbercollege.org
  • Contact Address: 6008 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, United States.


  • Services Offered: Braiding Styles, Chemical Services, Cosmetology Program, Day And Evening Classes, Hair Braiding, Hair Cuts, etc.
  • Contact Address: 8494 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73162, United States.

3.  The Hair Arts Institute:

  • 7+ years in business.
  • Contact Info: +1 405-286-2600
  • Services they offer include Balayage, Haircut, Hairstyling, Fringe trim, Beard trim, Eyebrow threading, Gloss or Glaze, Hair coloring, Hair highlighting, Brow tint, Cosmetology School, etc.
  • Contact Address: 15001 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, United States.

4. Tom Sollock School of Hair:

  • 3+ years in business.

  • Contact Number: +1 405-721-3243.
  • Contact Address: 6444 Northwest Expy Ste. 460 D, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States.

Services they offer include Basic facial, Beauty School Programs, Chemical peel, Color Retouch, Color retouch, Facials, High lights, Hilites, Kid Haircut, Men’s Haircut, Ombre Or Balayage, Vivid & Neon Foils, women Blow Dry Style, women Haircut, etc.

5. Paul Mitchell The School – Norman:

  • 7+ years in business.
  • Contact Address: 3030 William Pereira, Norman, OK 73072, United States.

  • Contact Number: +1 405-928-5200

Services they offer include Advanced Education, Barber School, Barbering Programs, Cosmetology Programs, Cosmetology School, Esthetics Programs, Instructor Programs, Teacher Training, etc.

6. Clary Sage College:

  • 10+ years in business
  • Contact Address: 3131 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74145, United States.
  • Contact Number: +1 918-298-8200

Services they offer include 15 Minute Chair Massage, 30 Minute Clary Massage, 60 Minute Clary Massage, 90 Minute Clary Massage, Aromatherapy Add-On, Clary Calm Experience, Deep Tissue Add-On, Foot Treatment Add-On, Hand Treatment Add-On,  Women’s Haircutting, etc.

7. Broken Arrow Beauty College:

  • 50+ years in business.
  • Contact Address: 11122 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133, United States.
  • Contact Number: +1 918-294-8627

Services they offer include Facial treatments, Nail art, Pedicure, Hair coloring, Barber School, Barbering Course, Barbering Program, Beauty Education, Beauty School Program, Beauty Training, Business Education, Cosmetology Course, etc.

8. Elite Academy of Cosmetology:

  • 5+ years in Business.
  • Contact Address: 912 SW C Ave, Lawton, OK 73501, United States.
  • Contact Number: +1 580-355-6620

Services they offer include Acrylic nails, Manicures, and Pedicures, Manicure, Waxing, Basic Manicure, Brow Waxing, Full Set Acrylic Nails, Lash Extensions, Nail Art, Pedicure, Polish Change, Hair  Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, etc.

9. Ponca City Beauty College:

  • 10+ years in business.
  • Contact Address: 3010 N 14th St, Ponca City, OK 74601, United States.
  • Contact Number: +1 580-762-1470

Services they offer include Cosmetology Program, Cosmetology School, Instructor Program, Nail Instructor Program, Nail Specialist, Nail Technician, Nails Design, Private Classes, Salon Services, etc.

10. Southern School of Beauty.

  • 10+ years in Business.
  • Contact Address: 140 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States
  • Contact Number: +1 580-924-1049

11. Midtown Barbers:

3+ years in business

Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Tue

Contact Number: +1 405-236-2423

School Website:  www.midtownbarbers.net

Services they offer include: Beard trim, Hair coloring, Haircut, Long haircut, Razor cut, Straight razor shave, Beard services, Clipper Only, Color Camo, Gray Blending, Haircuts, Shaves, etc.

Contact Address: 820 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

12.  Premier Academy of Cosmetology:

  • 5+ years in business.
  • Contact Address: 910 N Main St, McAlester, OK 74501, United States.
  • Contact Number:+1 918-426-1116.

Services they offer include Cosmetology School, Cuts, color services, manicures, spray tanning, Skin Care, etc.

13. Anglin’s Barber Shop and Salon:

  • 10+ years in business
  • Contact Address: 5735 S Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73119, United States.
  • Contact Number: +1 405-702-7677

Services they offer include Beard trim, Hair shape-up, Haircut, Head shave, Long haircut, Scissor cut, Hair Care, Hair Salon, etc.

14. B-MORE Faded Barbershop:

  • 5+ years in business.
  • Contact Address: 5921 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73135, United States
  • Contact Number: +1 405-308-9728


15. Tri-County Tech:

  • 10+ years in business
  • Contact Address: 6101 Nowata Rd, Bartlesville, OK 74006, United States
  • Contact Number: +1 918-331-3333

Services they offer include; Haircut, Perms, Full Service Salon, Accounting Program, Adult Programs, All Over Color & Bleach, Auto Service, Automotive Collision Repair, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are some important questions people do ask about barber school in Oklahoma or Barber School in general, we will be answering some frequently asked questions you might intend to ask us.

If we do not answer your intended question in this article, please use the comment section to ask us the question and we would answer it in our next research about Barber schools.

How long is barber school in Oklahoma?

The period required to finish in a Barber School in Oklahoma depends on your personal needs and goals as a barber school in Oklahoma last around two months to two years.
Note the bigger amount of time you spend in barber schools is paramount as you would be able to open your salon after getting the needed knowledge and skills.

How much does barber school cost in Oklahoma?

According to research, the average tuition for barber schools in Oklahoma is between $6,000 to $12,000 per annum.Although tuition rates vary depending on the program you are offering.
Make proper research how the best tuition that suits you before making your decision on enrolling in a Barber School in Oklahoma

How do I get my barber license in Oklahoma?

You can get your barber license in Oklahoma in two ways.✓ Traditional barber schools and✓ Barber college.

To select the best school, you need to carefully examine the school curriculum and online reviews.

How much is a barber license in Oklahoma?

A barber license in Oklahoma would enable you to open your own business in the state. According to research, a barber license in Oklahoma cost around $240, and also you would need to provide documentation that proves you have completed basic Barbering classes.

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Learning barbing in Oklahoma would provide you with comprehensive and unique skills and education needed to become a professional and licensed barber. You would also learn so the many barbering services listed above. Kick off your barbering career by choosing from one of our best Barber Schools in Oklahoma.

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