Scholarships GCU: Everything You Need to Know

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private, for-profit Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona. GCU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, both online and on-campus. The university is committed to providing affordable education to its students, and one way it achieves this is through its scholarship program. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at scholarships at GCU, including the types of scholarships available, eligibility requirements, and how to apply.

Types of Scholarships at GCU

GCU offers a variety of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships fall into several categories, including:

  1. Academic Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 to be considered for these scholarships.
  2. Athletic Scholarships: GCU offers athletic scholarships to students who have demonstrated exceptional athletic ability. These scholarships are awarded to students who have been recruited to play for one of GCU’s athletic teams.
  3. Creative Arts Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the creative arts, including music, theater, and visual arts.
  4. Military Scholarships: GCU offers scholarships for active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their dependents. These scholarships help to cover the cost of tuition and other educational expenses.
  5. Other Scholarships: GCU also offers a variety of other scholarships, including scholarships for transfer students, first-generation college students, and students from underrepresented groups.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for scholarships at GCU vary depending on the type of scholarship. In general, however, students must meet the following criteria to be considered for a scholarship:

  1. Must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a degree program at GCU.
  2. Must meet the minimum GPA and/or test score requirements for the scholarship.
  3. Must submit all required application materials by the deadline.
  4. Must meet any additional eligibility requirements specific to the scholarship.

How to Apply for Scholarships at GCU

To apply for scholarships at GCU, students must follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Many scholarships at GCU are based on financial need, so it’s important to complete the FAFSA as early as possible.
  2. Review the Scholarship Opportunities: Students can review the scholarship opportunities available to them on GCU’s website. Each scholarship has its own set of eligibility requirements, so it’s important to read the details carefully.
  3. Submit Scholarship Applications: Students must submit a separate application for each scholarship they wish to apply for. Applications typically require students to provide information about their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal background.
  4. Submit Additional Materials: Depending on the scholarship, students may need to submit additional materials, such as essays, letters of recommendation, or portfolios.
  5. Meet Deadlines: It’s important to meet all scholarship application deadlines. Late applications are typically not accepted.

Tips for Applying for Scholarships at GCU

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for scholarships at GCU:

  1. Start early: Many scholarships have early application deadlines, so it’s important to start the process as soon as possible.
  2. Pay attention to eligibility requirements: Make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements before applying for a scholarship.
  3. Highlight your achievements: Be sure to highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal background in your scholarship application.
  4. Personalize your application: Tailor your application to the specific scholarship you’re applying for. Make sure to address the requirements and goals of the scholarship in your application.
  5. Proofread your application: Be sure to proofread your application for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it.

Benefits of Scholarships at GCU

Scholarships at GCU provide a number of benefits to students, including:

  1. Reduced Financial Burden: Scholarships can help to cover the cost of tuition and other educational expenses, reducing the financial burden on students and their families.
  2. Increased Access to Education: Scholarships make higher education more accessible to a wider range of students, regardless of their financial background.
  3. Recognition of Achievement: Scholarships provide recognition of students’ academic and extracurricular achievements, boosting their confidence and motivation.
  4. Enhanced Career Opportunities: Scholarships can open up new career opportunities by providing students with access to higher education and specialized training.


Scholarships at GCU provide a valuable opportunity for students to further their education and achieve their academic and career goals. With a variety of scholarship opportunities available, there is something for everyone at GCU.

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