Temporary Residence Permit through Education

Temporary Residence Permit through Education

Temporary Residence Permit through Education: If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Ukraine and obtaining a temporary residence permit, Live and Study in Europe can be your trusted partner in this journey. With their extensive practical experience in providing legal assistance to students, their team offers a seamless process for foreigners to pursue higher education in Ukraine while legally residing in the country.

Which Country Is Easy to Get Temporary Residence in Europe?

If you’ve been dreaming of living in Europe and experiencing its rich cultural heritage, you might be wondering which country offers the easiest path to obtain a temporary residence permit. While each European country has its own set of immigration policies, some nations are known for being more accommodating to foreign residents.

Factors Affecting Ease of Getting Temporary Residence

Several factors influence the ease of obtaining a temporary residence permit in a European country:

  1. Immigration Policies: Some countries have more flexible and straightforward immigration policies, making it easier for foreign nationals to obtain temporary residence.
  2. Demand for Skilled Workers: Countries facing a shortage of skilled workers may have more relaxed visa regulations to attract talents from abroad.
  3. Family Reunification: Some European nations prioritize family reunification, allowing easier residency for family members of citizens or permanent residents.
  4. Investment Programs: Certain countries offer residency through investment, enabling individuals to obtain temporary residences by making significant financial contributions.
  5. Study Programs: Student visas can serve as a pathway to temporary residency for those pursuing higher education in Europe.
  6. Work Opportunities: Countries with growing job markets may have more lenient work visa regulations, leading to temporary residency.

How to Get a Temporary EU Residence Permit

Getting a temporary residence permit in the European Union requires navigating through the specific immigration regulations of each member state. The process may vary depending on the purpose of your stay, such as work, study, family reunification, or investment.

Generally, the steps to obtain a temporary EU residence permit include:

  1. Identify Your Purpose: Determine the reason for your stay and select the appropriate type of residence permit.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare all necessary documents, which may include proof of accommodation, financial means, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.
  3. Submit Application: Apply for a temporary residence permit at the relevant immigration authorities or embassies in your home country.
  4. Wait for Processing: The processing time may vary depending on the country and the type of permit.
  5. Attend Interviews or Biometrics: Some countries may require interviews or biometric data collection as part of the application process.
  6. Receive Decision: Once your application is processed, you will receive a decision on whether your temporary residence permit has been approved.

Exploring Higher Education Opportunities in Ukraine

Ukraine is known for its excellent higher education institutions that welcome international students with open arms. Whether you’re interested in engineering, medicine, or any other field of study, their team will assist you in choosing a suitable study program, including registration at renowned universities like Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), which holds the esteemed position of being the #1 university in Ukraine.

Here’s how Live and Study in Europe can assist you in the entire process:

  1. Invitation to Study in Ukraine: They will help secure an invitation to study in Ukraine, which is an essential document for your educational journey in the country.
  2. Consultation and Guidance: Their team will provide valuable guidance on arranging your education in Ukraine, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.
  3. Document Preparation: Obtaining an invitation, admission to a higher educational institution, and a study visa require specific documentation. Live and Study in Europe will assist you in preparing all the required documents, making the process smoother and more efficient.
  4. Representation during Admission: They will represent your interests directly when submitting admission documents to the university, ensuring your application stands out.
  5. Admission to Renowned Universities: If you dream of studying at prestigious institutions like KPI or pursuing MBBS in Ukraine, their team will facilitate the entire admission process for you.

With a transparent approach and no hidden costs, Live and Study in Europe ensure that you receive the best support and guidance throughout your educational journey in Ukraine.

Temporary Residence Permit through Education
Temporary Residence Permit through Education

Understanding the Costs and Requirements

When it comes to costs and requirements for obtaining a temporary residence permit through education in Ukraine, there are some essential factors to consider.


The pricing for their services is subject to the candidate’s citizenship and whether the provided documents are apostilled or legalized. While they strive to keep their pricing competitive, it’s essential to consult with their team to get accurate information tailored to your specific situation.


To begin the process, you’ll need to provide the following documents during the initial consultation stage:

  1. Passport scan with personal and address data (all pages fully visible)
  2. Photocopies of all Ukrainian visas or border stamps, if any
  3. Photocopies of your high school or higher education diploma along with grades

During the university admission stage, you’ll be required to submit notarized copies of your passport and diploma (high school or higher), all verified by an apostille.

The Step-by-Step Process

Live and Study in Europe has designed a straightforward and efficient step-by-step process to ensure a hassle-free experience for aspiring students:

  1. Your Request: You start the process by making a request to their team and providing your contact information.
  2. Free Consultation: They offer a free consultation via email, and if needed, they will arrange a conference call to finalize the details.
  3. Contract Signing & Prepayment: Upon deciding to proceed with their services, they will prepare the contract and invoice for signing, and you’ll make the necessary prepayment.
  4. Study Invitation Issuance: To kickstart the process, you’ll send them photocopies of your passport, and diploma (high school or higher), along with grades. Additionally, you’ll need to fill out, sign, and send additional forms. They will then apply for and secure the official study invitation on your behalf.
  5. Visa Application Docs Delivery: Once you receive the official study invitation, you can use it to apply for a study visa. They will send you the study invitation via courier, and you’ll be responsible for the delivery cost.
  6. Arrival to Ukraine & Postpayment: After obtaining the study visa, you’ll travel to Ukraine, and their team will meet you at the airport. The post-payment will be made at this stage.
  7. TRP Issuance: Finally, Live and Study in Europe will help you apply for a temporary residence permit and assist you in completing the address registration process after receiving it.

Live and Study in Europe Price Table


Overview of Temporary Residence Permit through Education in Ukraine
Topic Information
Exploring Higher Education Ukraine offers excellent higher education opportunities to international students. Live and Studying in Europe will help you choose a suitable study program and facilitate admission to renowned universities like Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI).
Assistance and Support Their team provides comprehensive assistance, including securing an invitation to study in Ukraine, consultation, document preparation, representation during admission, and admission to prestigious universities.
Costs and Requirements The pricing for their services varies based on your citizenship and the type of documents provided. Required documents include passport scans, photocopies of visas or border stamps, and photocopies of educational diplomas with grades, all verified by apostille.
Step-by-Step Process Live and Study in Europe follows a straightforward process, starting from your request and free consultation to contract signing, study invitation issuance, visa application, arrival in Ukraine, and temporary residence permit (TRP) issuance.

Which EU Country is Easiest to Get a Residence Permit?

It’s essential to note that the ease of obtaining a residence permit can change over time as immigration policies evolve. However, as of the most recent information, certain EU countries are known for their relatively straightforward processes:


Portugal has gained popularity among expats due to its attractive Golden Visa program, which allows investors to obtain temporary residency by making qualifying investments in the country. The investment options include real estate, job creation, or capital transfer, making it an appealing route for those seeking a temporary residence permit in a beautiful Mediterranean destination.


Spain is known for its family-friendly policies, making it relatively easy for family members of Spanish citizens or residents to obtain a temporary residence permit. Additionally, the country offers student visas for those pursuing education, creating a straightforward path to temporary residency for students.

Czech Republic

For students and freelancers, the Czech Republic offers a welcoming environment. Its student visa program allows for easy temporary residence for international students, and freelancers can take advantage of the Zivno, a business license that facilitates residence.


Malta’s residency program provides an accessible pathway for non-EU citizens to obtain temporary residences by investing in government bonds or purchasing real estate. The Mediterranean climate and favorable tax policies further enhance its appeal.


Cyprus offers a temporary residence permit for non-EU nationals who invest in real estate. With a relatively low investment threshold, Cyprus attracts many investors looking to gain residency in Europe.

While these countries are often seen as more accessible for temporary residence permits, it’s crucial to consult with immigration experts or relevant authorities to stay updated on the latest regulations and requirements.

Temporary Residence Permit through Education
Temporary Residence Permit through Education

What is the Cheapest Permanent Residency in Europe?

If you’re considering more than just temporary residence and are interested in obtaining permanent residency in Europe, you might wonder which country offers the most affordable pathway.

While the cost of permanent residency can vary significantly depending on the country and the individual’s circumstances, some European nations stand out for their relatively lower costs:


Bulgaria is known for its cost-effective residency program, which allows investors to obtain permanent residency by investing in government bonds or starting a business in the country. The investment required is lower compared to other European countries.


Hungary offers an attractive permanent residency program for investors. By investing in government bonds or venture capital funds, individuals can gain permanent residency with relatively lower investment amounts.


Latvia’s residency program allows individuals to obtain permanent residency by investing in real estate or business ventures. The investment requirements are reasonable, making it an appealing option for those seeking affordable permanent residency in Europe.


Greece offers a Golden Visa program, similar to other European countries, allowing investors to gain permanent residency by investing in real estate. The investment threshold is relatively lower, making it an accessible option.


Portugal’s Golden Visa program, while not the cheapest, is still considered a worthwhile investment due to the country’s attractive lifestyle and benefits. By investing in real estate or creating jobs, individuals can obtain permanent residency in Portugal.

Which Country Pays the Highest Salary in Europe?

The level of salary varies significantly across European countries due to differences in economies, industries, and cost of living. Some countries are known for offering higher salaries in specific sectors:


Switzerland consistently ranks as one of the countries with the highest salaries in Europe. Its strong economy and global financial hub status contribute to the competitive salaries offered across various industries.


Luxembourg’s financial sector and strong economy make it a top contender for high salaries in Europe. The country attracts skilled professionals, particularly in finance and technology, with attractive remuneration packages.


Norway’s oil and gas industry, along with its thriving technology sector, offers well-paid job opportunities. The country’s high standard of living is reflected in the salaries it provides to skilled workers.


Denmark’s strong economy and emphasis on work-life balance contribute to competitive salaries. The country’s welfare system and favorable working conditions make it an attractive destination for skilled professionals.


Germany’s manufacturing and engineering industries offer high-paying jobs, especially for skilled engineers and professionals. The country’s stable economy and diverse job opportunities contribute to its reputation for competitive salaries.

Which European Country Speaks English the Most?

English proficiency in Europe varies among countries, with some nations boasting high rates of English speakers:


The Netherlands is renowned for its high level of English proficiency, with a significant portion of the population speaking English fluently. Many Dutch people are bilingual, making it easy for expats and tourists to communicate in English.


Sweden is another European country where English is widely spoken. Most Swedes are proficient in English, and it’s often used as a second language in schools and workplaces.


Denmark’s education system emphasizes learning English from a young age, leading to a large percentage of the population speaking English fluently.


Norwegians are also highly proficient in English, with many schools and universities offering courses in English.


Finland’s commitment to bilingualism, with English being the second official language, ensures a high level of English proficiency among the population.

In conclusion

Pursuing higher education in Ukraine is an exciting opportunity for international students. With Live and Study in Europe as your reliable partner, you can expect professional guidance and support throughout the entire process, from choosing a study program to obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Remember to prepare all the necessary documents and seek assistance from their experienced team to make your educational journey in Ukraine a smooth and successful one. Embark on this enriching experience and discover a world of knowledge and cultural diversity in the heart of Eastern Europe!

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