6 Best Football Academies in Saudi Arabia

With superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Roberto Firmino joining the Saudi Pro League, many top players from around the world have started coming to the Kingdom. This has made football even more popular among young players in Saudi Arabia who dream of becoming professionals one day.

More and more youth academies are opening up around the country to train the next generation of Saudi stars. These academies bring coaching and training from some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

In this article, we look at 6 of the best youth football academies in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are a young player who wants to get better at football or parents who want their kid to join a good academy, keep reading. We will tell you about some great options to kickstart your football journey and develop your skills.

LFC International Academy

  • Located in: Jeddah, Mecca Province

The LFC International Academy in Jeddah is part of the global network of football academies run by English Premier League giants Liverpool FC. With access to the coaching methodology and drills used at Liverpool’s youth academy, young players here get top-notch tactical and technical training. The programs aim to develop well-rounded footballers both on and off the pitch, with education in nutrition, psychology, and media training as well. Students get to train in facilities modelled on Liverpool’s own training complex in Melwood. With a clear pathway to progressing through the ranks, the LFC International Academy is one of the best places to kick off a football career in Saudi Arabia.

Juventus Academy Saudi Arabia

  • Located in: Dammam, Eastern Province

Italian football giants Juventus opened their first football school in Saudi Arabia in Dammam in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and SD Football Academy. The Juventus Academy brings the prestigious club’s training methodologies and youth coaching to the Kingdom, giving young Saudi players a taste of the Juve way. Students get to train on the same methods Juventus use to develop stars like Paulo Dybala and Giorgio Chiellini back in Italy. With top-class facilities and expert coaching, the Juventus Academy is forging a new generation of technically skilled Saudi footballers.

Jeddah Pro Football Academy

  • Located in: Jeddah, Mecca Province

Jeddah Pro Football Academy is a professional academy aiming to find and develop talented young footballers in Jeddah. The programs are specifically designed to train players to turn professional, with a focus on enhancing game intelligence, tactical knowledge, and technical skills. Young footballers here get access to strength and conditioning coaching, video analysis, match analysis software and international standard fields to hone their skills. The academy also arranges exposure trips abroad for students to experience a higher level of competition. For those serious about making football a career, Jeddah Pro Football Academy offers a direct pathway.

TNGS international soccer academy

  • Located in: Al Khobar, Eastern Province

TNGS International Football Academy is located in the Eastern Province and uses modern coaching techniques to develop the next generation of professional footballers. TNGS has partnered with Ascension Soccer Academy from the UK to bring the latest training methodologies to Saudi Arabia. Students benefit from a holistic approach that focuses on improving technical ability, tactical knowledge, psychological preparation and physical fitness needed for high-level football. The academy’s programs take players from the fundamentals and build up to advanced skills with the aim of preparing them for a professional career in football.

Barcelona Academy KSA

  • Located in: Dammam, Eastern Province

The Barcelona Academy in Saudi Arabia is part of the prestigious Spanish club’s global network of youth soccer schools aimed at spreading their philosophy and training techniques worldwide. Young Saudi players get to benefit from the same coaching methodology that has produced generations of legendary players like Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta at Barcelona’s famous La Masia academy. With focus on nurturing technical excellence, creativity and teamwork, the Barcelona Academy develops talented young footballers on and off the pitch. The state-of-the-art facilities and top quality coaching make it one of the best places for youth players to hone their skills in the Kingdom.

Khalidia Football Academy

  • Located in: Jeddah, Mecca Province

Khalidia Football Academy in Jeddah offers comprehensive football training for male and female youth players. The programs focus on developing the entire player – teaching vital technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Young players also get guidance on nutrition and lifestyle to perform at their peak. The academy’s experienced local and international coaches design tailored training plans aimed at improving each player’s abilities while also promoting teamwork. With a player-centric approach and ambition to help create professional footballers, Khalidia Football Academy is an excellent option for youth players in Jeddah.

How Much Does It Cost to Join A Football Academy in Saudi Arabia

The cost to join a football academy in Saudi Arabia can range quite a bit depending on the profile of the academy, the location, facilities provided and the age group of the coaching. Many academies have scholarships or cost assistance programs available for students who may not be able to afford the full fees.

Some indicative fee ranges are:

  • International academies like Liverpool & Barcelona: 25,000 – 30,000 SAR per year
  • Professional academies: 10,000 – 20,000 SAR per year
  • Local academies: 2,000 – 10,000 SAR per year

When researching options, it is important to look beyond just the fees and consider the quality of coaching, facilities, and the overall development environment. Choosing the right academy is crucial to maximize your child’s potential in the sport.

Many academies offer scholarships, sibling discounts, need-based financial assistance or flexible payment plans. Consulting the academy directly about available options is advisable.

While the costs may seem high, the top academies invest heavily in providing an international standard infrastructure, coaching and training methodology that aims to develop players to their full potential. For youngsters serious about a career in football, it is an investment worth considering.


The football academy landscape in Saudi Arabia continues to grow and improve as the popularity of the sport increases nationwide. Academies affiliated with top European clubs like Liverpool, Juventus and Barcelona have set the benchmark high with their state-of-the-art facilities and coaching rooted in proven methodologies.

Beyond just football skills, the leading academies also focus on developing well-rounded individuals, thanks to their holistic approach to training. With the continued investment and ever-increasing passion for the sport, the future looks bright for youth football development in Saudi Arabia.

We hope this article covering 6 of the best football academies in Saudi Arabia gave you a good overview of the options available. Make sure to keep visiting our website for more useful content on football in the region. Whether you are a player, coach or simply an avid fan, we aim to provide insights that enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the beautiful game.

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