Top 20 Best Football Academies in Asia

Playing pro football is the dream for many young players in Asia. How do you make that dream a reality? Joining a top football academy is the best way to develop your talent.

Academies are where future stars are created. With top-class coaching, awesome facilities and programs designed to make you better, academies give you the platform to become an elite player. As football grows across Asia, more academies are being set up to train the next generation.

If you’re serious about football, getting into one of these academies is the way forward. You’ll improve much faster and could get signed by a pro club.This article lists the 20 best academies in Asia.

What is the selection process for football academies in Asia?

The selection process for joining a top football academy in Asia is extremely competitive. Academies look for talented players who demonstrate not just strong technical skills, but also have the physical attributes and mental fortitude to succeed. The selection process typically involves:

  • Attending trials and being assessed by academy scouts and coaches
  • Undergoing physical testing to measure strength, speed, endurance, and other athletic capabilities
  • Technical assessments to evaluate dribbling, passing, shooting, and other football skills
  • Position-specific drills and simulated match scenarios
  • Interviews to evaluate your commitment, motivation and mentality as a player
  • Review of match footage and references from current coaches

The academy will use these assessments to determine if you meet their benchmark standards for acceptance into their programs. The selection criteria is extremely high, so you need dedication and ability to have a chance at being accepted.

How do I apply to a football academy in Asia?

Most academies have an online application form on their website that you can complete to express your interest. Typical requirements include:

  • Your personal details and contact information
  • Football background – clubs, honors, representative experience
  • Position(s) played
  • Academic background
  • Highlights video
  • References/recommendations from coaches
  • Written statement explaining why you want to join the academy

You may need to pay an application fee. It’s important to thoroughly review the academy website and follow all instructions when applying. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to participate in trials. Preparing well for the trials gives you the best shot at selection.

What are the age requirements for joining a football academy in Asia?

Age requirements vary between academies and the level of program. Some academies have programs beginning at Under-12 level, going up to Under-18 or Under-21. Generally, the optimal ages to join an elite football academy are:

  • Age 8-12 – Entry development programs focusing on fundamental skills training
  • Age 12-16 – Core youth development programs
  • Age 16-18 – Elite youth/professional preparation
  • Age 18-21 – Professional academy squads

While some academies take players as young as 6 or 7, joining at too young an age can be counterproductive. Joining in your early to mid-teens allows you to develop your skills at a critical stage while still having time to break into professional squads in your late teens.

What are the facilities available at football academies in Asia?

Top football academies invest heavily in state-of-the-art facilities and resources to develop players in an optimal environment. While facilities vary, most provide:

  • Full-size high quality grass and/or artificial pitches
  • Indoor training pitch with climate control
  • Gyms with strength and conditioning equipment
  • Recovery facilities – pools, physio and massage rooms
  • Video analysis rooms with performance software
  • Recreation facilities – lounges, games rooms
  • Education facilities – classrooms, learning resources
  • Quality accommodation and nutrition for residential programs

By training in elite facilities with access to coaching expertise and support services, players can fully focus on football development in a professional environment.

Top 20 Football Academies in Asia

AcademyLocationAge Range
Aspire AcademyDoha, Qatar12-18 years
Jiangsu Suning FC AcademyNanjing, China13-20 years
Evergrande Football SchoolGuangzhou, China13-20 years
Shanghai SIPG FC AcademyShanghai, China13-20 years
Guangzhou Evergrande Youth Football AcademyGuangzhou, China13-20 years
AIFF Elite AcademyGoa, IndiaU-13 to U-18
Pune FC AcademyPune, IndiaU-15 to U-18
Reliance Foundation Young ChampsNavi Mumbai, IndiaU-15 to U-18
Tata Football AcademyJamshedpur, IndiaU-15 to U-18
DSK Shivajians AcademyPune, IndiaU-13 to U-18
JMG AcademyDelhi, IndiaU-15 to U-21
Beirut Football AcademyLebanon14-17 years
Aspire Football Dreams AcademyYangon, Myanmar10-18 years
Suwon Samsung Bluewings AcademySouth Korea12-18 years
FC Seoul Reserves and AcademySouth Korea13-19 years
The Younghusband Football Academy Philippines16-19 years
JSSL Singapore AcademySingapore5-16 years
Cobac Football AcademyHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam13-19 years
Johor Darul Ta’zim III F.C.Malaysia14-19 years
Malaysia Pahang Sports School Malaysia6-19 years


Developing your talent at one of Asia’s leading football academies allows you access to elite coaching and facilities during your crucial development years. With the academy programs accepting players from around 13-15 years old, now is the time to take your football to the next level. Continuing to play competitively, improve your skills, and maintaining top fitness gives you the platform to impress at trials. Stay disciplined and determined to achieve your football dreams.

We hope this article provided you valuable information on the top academies in Asia. Keep visiting our site for more useful content to help you in your football journey.

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