Atletico Madrid Academy Trials 2024 Application, Fees & Scholarships

Atletico Madrid is one of the biggest football clubs in Spain and Europe. The club is known for developing world-class players through its excellent youth academy system. If you are an aspiring young footballer looking to join Atletico Madrid’s academy, read on to find out everything you need to know about their 2024 trials, application process, fees and scholarships.

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How to Join Atletico Madrid Academy in 2024:

Atletico Madrid holds trials across Spain and internationally to scout for talented young players to join their academy teams. Here are the key steps to join their youth set-up in 2024:

Check Trial Locations and Dates

Atletico Madrid usually conducts trials between March to June each year in different cities in Spain. They also hold international trials in Latin America, USA, Asia and Africa. Check their official website around February 2024 for confirmed dates and venues nearest to you.

Shortlist 2-3 trial options and apply well in advance as there is huge competition for limited slots. If you impress the scouts, you may be called back for further trials at their main academy center in Madrid.

Submit Online Application

Visit Atletico Madrid’s trial registration page and submit the online form with your personal details, footballing history, position, video highlights etc. This will put you on their database for upcoming trials. Ensure your application is error-free and provides an accurate picture of your abilities and achievements.

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Get Scouted at Local Events

Atletico has a widespread scouting network that attends youth tournaments, school games and other events to spot promising talents. Compete in such events to get noticed by their scouts and improve your chances of being selected for trials. Present yourself professionally on and off the field.

Prepare Thoroughly for the Trials

Once called for trials, take them very seriously and prepare both physically and mentally. Follow a tailored training regime to build stamina, speed, skills and game intelligence required for Atletico’s high-pressing, attacking style of play. Research the club and their youth coaches so you understand their philosophy and values.

On trial day, get plenty of rest, eat well, warm-up properly and showcase your talents with full confidence. Observe instructions carefully and communicate effectively with coaches and fellow trialists.

Follow Up After Trials

Don’t lose motivation if you don’t get selected in your first trial attempts. Seek honest feedback from the coaches on where you need improvement and work diligently on those areas. Stay in touch with the academy staff periodically to express your interest in future opportunities. With persistence and hard work, you will get another chance to impress.

Atletico Madrid Academy Fees and Scholarships

Atletico Madrid provides extensive facilities, coaching, accommodation and academic education for youth players inducted into their full-time residential academy program. Here are an overview of the fees and scholarship options:

  • Tuition Fees – Academy trainees need to pay annual tuition fees that covers coaching, play equipment, medical insurance etc. The fees start from €6000 per year for the Junior teams and goes up to €12,000 per year for the Youth teams.
  • Boarding Fees – For players requiring on-campus accommodation near the training facilities, additional boarding fees have to be paid which covers lodging, food and other living expenses. This can range from €8000 to €12000 annually depending on age group.
  • Scholarships – Atletico Madrid offers scholarships and financial aid to highly talented players from disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford the full fees. Criteria for scholarships include financial need, exceptional ability, academic achievement and exemplary attitude. The coverage amount varies on case by case basis.
  • Sponsorships – External brand sponsorships are possible in some cases where the sponsor covers a talented young player’s academy expenses for a period of time in exchange for certain branding rights and future transfer clauses. This however is fairly rare and subject to regulations.
  • Loans & Instalments – Atletico may provide the option to pay the fees over instalments or an educational loan through an associated financing company, enabling players to gradually repay the amount over a number of years. Terms and conditions apply.

So in summary, while Atletico Madrid’s youth academy fees are quite high compared to public sports schools, they provide pathways to make it accessible even if you come from a disadvantaged background but have immense potential and determination.

Facilities and Coaching Quality

Joining Atletico Madrid academy gives you access to truly world-class infrastructure and coaching. Some highlights:

  • State-of-the-art training complex – Their Ciudad Deportiva venue has 6 high quality pitches, indoor halls, gym, hydrotherapy center, accommodation and more. Utmost care is taken to provide an optimal environment for development.
  • Expert coaching – Atletico has produced superstars like Torres, Koke and Gimenez from their academy. The youth is coached by specialized staff comprising former players, sports scientists and psychologists.
  • Education and tutoring – Academic learning is emphasized along with football training. Players are enrolled into a dedicated international school with small classes and tutoring support.
  • Nutrition and medicine – Players follow specialized diet plans and their health is closely monitored by sports doctors and physios to aid their growth. Treatment for injuries is world-class.
  • Competition exposure – Youth teams compete in various national and continental level tournaments like UEFA Youth League which provide high-level match experience.
  • Pathway to top level – Talented academy graduates may progress to Atletico B team and first team. Several are playing in La Liga or European leagues.

Atletico Madrid Academy Tryout Format

Atletico Madrid’s trial format is an extensive assessment over one or two days to judge all aspects of a player’s potential.

Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • Arrive 30-60 min before start to register and warm up
  • Short introduction of the coaching staff
  • Group warm up exercises and stretches
  • Small sided games 3v3 or 5v5
  • Individual skills tests e.g. dribbling, passing, shooting
  • Full 11 vs 11 match with substitutions
  • Scouts take notes of tactical understanding, physicality, technical skills, mentality etc.
  • Players get rated across all attributes. Top performers progress to next round.
  • Trial may finish with a coaching debrief and shortlisted players notified later.

The key things coaches look for are a good attitude, positional sense, reading of the game, how you link up with teammates, communication, athletic abilities alongside basics like passing technique, ball control etc.

So bring your A game, be cooperative with staff and fellow players, and show your abilities to the maximum to impress Atletico’s scouts. Stay focused, avoid injuries and enjoy the experience as a valuable chance to develop your game.

With the passion and work ethic that Atletico Madrid instills in their youth, the hard work will pay off as you have an excellent chance of making it as a professional footballer.

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