Top 10 Best Canada Immigration Consultants

Understanding Canada’s immigration system on your own can be extremely complex. There are countless forms to complete, documents to gather, eligibility rules to understand, and processing fees to pay.

Hiring an experienced Canadian immigration consultant simplifies the process and greatly improves your chances of submitting a successful application. But not all consultants are equally knowledgeable or ethical.

This guide explores how to choose the best Canada immigration consultant to maximize your chances of approval. We evaluate the top-rated Canadian immigration firms and professionals.

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

Before reviewing top consultants, let’s examine the key benefits of securing professional help with your Canada immigration application:

Streamlined Process

A quality consultant guides you through every documentation and procedural step required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This ensures applications are error-free and optimally presented.

Updated Expertise

Immigration rules, quotas, and eligibility requirements change frequently. Consultants stay on top of the latest policies and nuances that give applicants an advantage.

Objective Guidance

Experts provide unbiased guidance on the best immigration paths and programs given your unique profile and goals.

Higher Success Rates

Statistics show applicants represented by an authorized counsel have higher approval rates compared to those applying alone.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured your case is managed by accredited experts, reducing stress and uncertainty.

Regulating Bodies for Immigration Consultants

Canada has two bodies that certify and regulate immigration consultants:

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

The ICCRC nationally regulates Canadian immigration and citizenship consultants who are not lawyers. Members must meet extensive education, exam, and ethics requirements to receive the Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) designation.

Law Society of Ontario (LSO)

In Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario regulates immigration consultants who are licensed lawyers. Lawyers must be licensed by the LSO to practice immigration law and receive the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) designation in Ontario.

Checking a consultant’s current ICCRC RCIC or LSO RCIC registration ensures you work with properly authorized professionals.

Top Immigration Firms in Canada

Here are the highest recommended immigration consulting firms across Canada:

1. VisaPlace

With offices across Canada and global headquarters in Toronto, VisaPlace employs over 150 ICCRC-certified immigration consultants to serve clients worldwide. They have an exceptional track record with 20+ years of experience. Customized legal strategies maximize success for both temporary and permanent residency applications.

2. CanadianVisa.org

CanadianVisa.org focus exclusively on permanent residency applications with personalized service and results-driven success. Their unique “No Application Refused” guarantee provides peace of mind that your case will be handled masterfully.

3. Moving2Canada

Offering services in 7 global languages, Moving2Canada simplifies relocation from around the world. Their expert consultants have handled thousands of Canadian immigration applications with extensive knowledge of programs and timelines.

4. Immigration Lаw Firm of Маtthеw Jеffеrу

Located in Toronto, Immigration Lаw Firm of Маtthеw Jеffеrу touts a 99% success rate for permanent residency applicants. They offer expert guidance through Express Entry, spousal sponsorships, work permits, study permits, and business immigration.

5. Canadim

Canadim employs over 60 highly qualified immigration lawyers and paralegals to deliver results 5x faster than the Canadian government’s processing times for most visa types. Serving clients since 1994, their expertise helps maximize success.

6. GOOSELAW Immigration Law Firm

GOOSELAW Immigration Law Firm  has over 4 years of immigration law expertise. They are known for their passionate, caring approach helping clients build new lives in Canada.

7. Marwah Law

With offices across Canada, Marwah Law enables successful immigration through both temporary and permanent residency programs. Their services cover sponsorship, humanitarian, business, investment, skilled worker, and family class applications.

8. Campbell Cohen

Led by veteran immigration lawyer David Cohen, CICBA members Campbell Cohen offer personalized support through every step of the Canadian immigration journey. Their strategic expertise facilitates visas and work permits.

9. Sas & Ing

Sas & Ing employs over 45 highly qualified immigration professionals to guide clients globally through economic, family, refugee, and humanitarian immigration pathways into Canada.

10. Kurland Richard

Recognized among Canada’s top immigration law firms, Kurland Richard provides full-service global immigration assistance. He has helped thousands gain Canadian permanent residency and citizenship.

Vetting and Selecting Your Consultant

Once you’ve identified reputable firms, here are tips for vetting specific consultants:

  • Verify accreditations – Only work with ICCRC or LSO designated consultants
  • Compare experience – Ask about years in practice and cases handled specific to your visa aims
  • Request referrals – Ask for client references to evaluate service quality
  • Confirm capabilities – Ensure the firm handles your visa category
  • Interview consultants – Have exploratory discussions before committing
  • Review charges – Compare service fees to maximize value
  • Check for disputes – Search the firm and consultant name online along with keywords like “complaints” or “scam”

Being selective ensures you choose the best expert for your unique immigration goals, situation, and budget.

Beware of Unauthorized Representatives

Be wary of any consultants who are not ICCRC or LSO certified. Only authorized representatives can legally charge fees in exchange for Canadian immigration advice or application services.

Uncertified representatives often lack proper expertise. Their mishandling can ruin application chances or cause outright visa denials.

Working with bogus immigration consultants often leads to wasted money, delays, stress, and irreparable application damage. Always verify consultants have proper ICCRC or LSO credentials.

Let the Experts Handle Your Application

Trying to tackle Canadian immigration solo can sink your hopes of building a new life in Canada. Credentialed experts know the ins and outs of navigating the system successfully.

Partner with a trusted, experienced Canadian immigration consultant who will flawlessly guide you through the complex journey. Avoid the headaches and maximize your visa approval odds by securing professional representation.

With the right guidance, your Canadian immigration dreams can turn into reality. Let the experts pave the path to your future in one of the world’s top destinations for immigrants worldwide.

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