Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in Canada

Immigrating to Canada is often a complex process involving copious paperwork, eligibility requirements, and legal procedures. Navigating it smoothly requires experienced legal guidance. When your immigration goals or rights are on the line, you need a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner.

Choosing the right immigration counsel can greatly impact the success of your case. To help find top legal talent, here is our list of the 10 best immigration lawyers in Canada based on peer reviews,case records, and overall achievements.

1. Elsa Agostinho

With over 25 years of experience, Elsa Agostinho is regarded as one of Canada’s foremost immigration lawyers. She specializes in complex immigration cases involving entrepreneurs, investors, skilled workers and families seeking permanent residence.

Agostinho is a certified specialist in immigration law accredited by the Law Society of Ontario. She has successfully handled thousands of immigration applications during her career.

Her impressive case records, keen insights into evolving immigration policies, strong negotiation skills and passion for helping clients has earned consistent praise from peers and clients alike. Agostinho has been repeatedly named one of Canada’s top 25 immigration lawyers by Canadian Lawyer magazine.

2. Chantal Arsenault

As Managing Partner of ALBL Arsenault Best Lamoureux in Montreal, Chantal Arsenault leads a talented team of immigration professionals. She has over 20 years of experience focused exclusively on business immigration.

Arsenault’s clients include both individuals and corporations seeking to relocate foreign skilled workers or personnel to Canada. She handles investor, entrepreneur and intra-company transfers across a diverse range of industries.

She is known for her sharp problem solving skills and mastery of both Quebec and federal Canadian immigration programs. Arsenault has consistently received top peer rating recognitions, including the Best Lawyers award since 2007.

3. Melissa M. Babel

Melissa Babel is based in Calgary, Alberta and has extensive experience in all categories of Canadian immigration with a focus on employment and family-based applications.

She represents both individual immigrants and employers seeking foreign talent. Babel has particular expertise with appeals, humanitarian applications, adoptions and permanent residency processing.

She is praised for her meticulous preparation, attention to detail and compassion when representing clients. Babel has been ranked as a leading immigration lawyer by Canadian Lawyer magazine and The Best Lawyers in Canada.

4. Michael Battista

As a lawyer with one of Canada’s largest immigration firms, Michael Battista has over 20 years of experience in a wide spectrum of immigration law. He represents clients on everything from family-based immigration to refugee claims and appeals.

Battista has litigated complex immigration cases before multiple levels of courts. He also provides valued mentorship to the next generation of immigration lawyers.

His case work has set important legal precedents in areas like medical inadmissibility waivers, spousal appeals and economic immigration. Battista has been consistently honored as one of Ontario’s top immigration lawyers.

5. Mario D. Bellissimo

Mario Bellissimo is the senior partner of Bellissimo Law Group in Toronto. His practice focuses on business immigration, investor visas, and attracting specialized talent to Canada. He represents numerous large multinational firms.

Highly respected by peers, Bellissimo has won praise for his business immigration expertise and efforts to build links between Canada and Italy. He is a top lawyer pick in the European market seeking to relocate personnel or operations to Canada.

Bellissimo has received extensive recognition over his 30+ year career including multiple inclusions in Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Immigration Lawyers list.

6. Christine Beltempo

As a lawyer with Macdonald Greenfield Koren in Toronto, Christine Beltempo has extensive involvement in immigration cases related to domestic violence, trauma and crimes. She represents both perpetrators and victims.

Beltempo has secured approvals for numerous complex humanitarian applications. Her advocacy work also includes LGBTQ2S+ relationships, mental health challenges, inadmissibility waivers and deferred removal orders.

Highly active in the community, Beltempo volunteers her services for legal clinics and associations supporting new immigrants and refugees. She is consistently honored as a leading immigration lawyer in Canada.

7. Jean-Philippe Brunet

Jean-Philippe Brunet is the founding partner of Brunet & Co. in Montreal. He focuses on economic immigration programs related to investors, entrepreneurs and workers. He also handles compliance audits and appeals for his corporate clients.

Brunet is praised for his knowledge of both Quebec and federal programs. He is known for his availability, direct communication style and diligence when representing clients from diverse backgrounds.

With over 20 years of experience, Brunet has consistently earned top peer ratings and inclusion on lists of recommended immigration lawyers nationwide. He is a go-to choice for French-speaking clients.

8. Veronica Choy

Veronica Choy is the senior immigration lawyer with Mosaic Immigration Law in Vancouver. She handles complex immigration cases involving investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the tech sector looking to immigrate or set up businesses in Canada.

Choy has extensive experience with provincial nominee programs catering to technology talent in BC and Ontario. She is praised by clients for her prompt communication, attention to detail, and clear guidance throughout the immigration process.

Consistently honored as one of Vancouver’s top immigration lawyers, Choy has successfully handled thousands of visa applications during her career.

9. Brian Dingle

Brian Dingle is the principal immigration lawyer with Dingle Law Office based in Vancouver, BC. He has over 35 years of experience focused on family-based immigration, adoptions, appeals, and refugee claims.

Dingle has litigated complex immigration cases before the Supreme Court of Canada. He has also advocated for immigrants’ rights at United Nation forums. Dingle volunteers extensively for NGOs assisting new Canadians.

Highly respected by peers, Dingle has received the Canadian Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He is ranked among the country’s very top immigration attorneys.

10. Kenneth K.C. Ing

As senior counsel with Fragomen Worldwide in Toronto, Kenneth Ing has over 30 years of immigration law experience. He represents both individual clients and major global corporations.

Ing has particular expertise in facilitating transfers of top talent and personnel across Canada, the US and worldwide locations. He handles temporary work permits, permanent residence applications, and employer compliance issues.

Regarded as a trusted advisor on business immigration, Ing has been honored with Lifetime Achievement awards and named among the Best Lawyers in Canada.

Lawyer NameContact Link
Elsa AgostinhoLink
Chantal ArsenaultLink
Melissa M. BabelLink
Michael BattistaLink
Mario D. Bellissimo, C.S.Link
Christine BeltempoLink
Jean-Philippe BrunetLink
Veronica ChoyLink
Brian DingleLink
Kenneth K.C. IngLink

Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer

When retaining legal counsel for your Canadian immigration case, be sure to:

  • Verify lawyers are licensed and in good standing
  • Review their case records and past successes
  • Gauge their experience with your immigration category
  • Look for lawyers endorsed by peers
  • Meet to evaluate compatibility and communication style
  • Understand fee structures and scope of services
  • Check for native language abilities if needed

Using these tips will help you select the ideal immigration lawyer for your unique needs and immigration goals.

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