Cheap Auto Insurance In VA

Finding affordable auto insurance can be a challenge, especially if you’re a young driver or have had past claims/tickets on your record. Virginia drivers want coverage protecting against liability and accidental damage without breaking the bank each month. The good news is with some research and planning, cheap car insurance is definitely possible in the Commonwealth.

In this guide, I’ll share tips for getting the lowest rates from reputable insurers throughout Virginia. We’ll explore ways to save like bundling policies, comparing rates online, taking defensive driving courses, and more. I’ll also spotlight a few insurance providers known locally for competitive prices. By applying these strategies, Virginia motorists can feel secure legally required minimum coverage fits comfortable budgets.

Let’s start with important steps for getting multiple auto insurance quotes:

Gather Documentation Needed for Quotes

Before contacting insurers, gather important details like your VIN, driver’s license number, vehicle make/model, and current policy expiration date if applicable. Have information on all licensed household drivers too since rates also depend on who’s using the vehicle regularly. Being organized saves time with agents.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Providers

Request online quotes from well-known Virginia options like State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Progressive and Liberty Mutual to receive competing estimates. Don’t forget local insurers serving your specific area that may also offer great prices like Pemco or USAA. Comparing prices prevents overpaying for coverage.

Consider Bundling Homeowners/Renters with Auto

Some insurers provide bundled discounts up to 15% or more when insuring multiple policies together like auto, home/renters, and even life insurance in some cases. This could notably lower your overall insurance costs so ask about multi-policy discounts.

Maintain Good Credit for Lower Premiums

Insurers often use credit-based insurance scores in underwriting you a policy’s rate. Keeping credit profiles in excellent standing, with on-time payments factored in scoring models, decreases premiums companies charge. Maintaining credit helps save hundreds yearly on coverage costs.

Take Advantage of Safety Discounts

Many insurers reward safer driving behaviors by offering discounts for completing state-approved defensive driving or accident prevention courses. These seminars teach ways mitigating accident risk and negligence on the roads. Some provide one-time 5% savings applied to policies after completion. Courses typically cost $25-100 but pay dividends in reduced rates.

Buy Higher Deductibles to Lower Premium Costs

Buying higher deductibles, like $500 instead of the minimum $250, saves money each month from insurers knowing claims filed during an accident will incur a greater out-of-pocket expense from the policyholder first before coverage kicks in. Opt for what’s affordable should an unexpected mishap occur.

Improve Your Driving Record Over Time

Sadly, past accidents and traffic tickets hike rates significantly. But remaining claims/violation free for 3-5 years as records “age” usually lowers rates again. Drive carefully to let good habits lower costs naturally over the long run too versus seeking riskier price decreases.

Consider Telematics to Prove Safe Habits Save

Some insurers use policyholder driving behavior data collected via voluntarily installed smartphone apps and gadgets plugging into car diagnostics ports. Safe driving scores generated entice discounts up to 30-50% by proving low-risk characteristics on the road. These programs reward and incentivize defensive motorists.

Local Insurers With Competitive Virginia Rates

Two insurance companies resident to and serving Virginia motorists for decades include:

  • Pemco – Rates highly competitive based on location/driving records. Offices statewide for quick service.
  • Allstate – Popular nationwide but also writes many Virginia policies. Often bundles home/auto for additional rate reductions too.

Shopping diligently usually lands Virginia drivers the most legally required coverage at affordable prices. Let me know if any other auto insurance questions come up!

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