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Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Canada

Canada has a highly developed insurance market that provides a wide range of policies to suit diverse individual and business needs. Here are the 10 top insurance companies in Canada that lead the industry through their financial strength, customer service standards and innovation:

1. Intact Financial Corporation

As the largest property and casualty insurer in Canada, Intact offers home, auto, commercial and specialty insurance. With successful acquisitions, it has grown exponentially in recent years.

2. Desjardins Group

A Canadian cooperative with a strong insurance arm, Desjardins provides life, health and property & casualty products. It has the largest client base among all insurers in Canada.

3. RSA Insurance Group

One of the top commercial insurers with operations spanning Canada, UK and Ireland. RSA Canada excels in areas like surety, professional liability and trade credit insurance.

4. Aviva Canada

With a global parent company, Aviva Canada writes life, health and general insurance nationwide. It backs the financial security of millions of Canadians.

5. Economical Insurance

A prominent P&C insurance group focused on auto, home, commercial and specialty insurance. Economical has a long-standing reputation of 150+ years in Canada.

6. The Co-operators

A Canadian co-operative offering home, auto, farm, commercial and group benefits insurance through a network of local advisors.

7. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

A top property insurer renowned for its emphasis on community and policyholders. Wawanesa has retained solid growth over 100+ years.

8. TD Insurance

Owned by a major Canadian financial group, TD Insurance excels at direct-to-customer home and auto insurance through a multi-channel approach.

9. iA Financial Group

With a substantial life and health insurance portfolio, iA Financial Group is a leader in individual insurance and wealth management.

10. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Part of the large US-based group, Allstate stands out for innovation, customer experience standards and product range in the Canadian P&C space.

These 10 major insurance companies demonstrate financial strength, market leadership and customer trust that makes Canada’s insurance industry robust today. They provide top-notch protection and security to individuals, families and businesses through every stage of life.

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