Top 11 Best Flight Schools In Canada

Best 11 Flight Schools In Canada: As someone who wants to study aviation in the beautiful country of Canada, it is important for you to know some of the best aviation schools in the world, especially if you’re residing in Canada.

Undoubtedly, Canada is ahead of many countries in technology and science, and they invest a lot into education which places them as one of the top countries in the world with standard aviation schools.

Best Flight Schools in Canada:

Here are 11 highly rated schools to consider if you wish to study aviation in Canada.

1. University Of Waterloo

This is public University located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Apart from the main campus which is located in Waterloo, there are three satellite campuses being operated by the University.

This University is among the top 5 universities to study aviation in Canada as it is believed to run the largest university-level aviation program in Canada.

Due to the University’s strength in technology, science, environment, and geomatics, coupled with training given to the students from a top flight school in the country, a good number of students do well in the field of study.

This University offers three aviation-focused programs.

  • Science and Aviation: Mainly for students with interest in careers as pilots or flight instructors.
  • Geography and Aviation: This prepares students for careers as flight instructors and pilots.
  • Geography and Environment Management, Aviation specialisation: This is for students who wish to work in the aviation industry at large, not necessarily as pilots or flight instructors.

Requirements For Admission
For students who studied in Ontario, the requirements are; Six Grade 12 U and/or M courses including;

  • One Grade 12 U Mathematics course with a minimum final grade of 70%.
  • English (ENG4U) with a minimum final grade of 70%.

For students outside Ontario, the requirements are slightly different. Contact the school at;
+1 519-888-4567

Visit The School Website to find out more about the grade requirements to study aviation at the university.

Once your grades are up to standard, you’d have to undergo a screening process at the school before you’re finally enrolled as a student, and the school fees depends on the aviation-focused program you chose.

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2. University Of Fraser Valley

It has three campuses in Greater Vancouver. However, its main campus is in Burnaby, Canada.

Under the Aviation profession, the university focuses on Aviation/Airway Management and Operations.
Presently, this University doesn’t have flight training in its curriculum as they focus on the business administrative area of aviation.

As a student studying aviation at the school, you learn flight and business skills, and you’ll be studying for two years to earn a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Requirements to study Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) at the University

  • You must have completed the equivalent of Canadian Grade 12 (Form five or six O-levels plus at least two A-levels) before being considered to run the program at the university.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Applicants from countries where english isn’t their first language are required to take this test before being admitted.
  • TOEFL: This is another English test where applicants are expected to score at least 88, with a minimum of 20 in each category.
  • PTE: This is an English test which is computer based. Applicants are expected to score above 59.
    For more information, contact the school through their official number (+1604-504-7441).

Visit School Site.

3. Georgian College

This college is located in Barrie, Canada. They offer Aviation Management which runs for a period of 3 years before an Advanced Diploma is giving.

During the 3-year course, students get hands-on experience in aviation and management, and this is a full-time program.

4. Mohawk College

This college is located in Hamilton, Canada, and it offers three aviation technician program. Students are engaged in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the programs as the college makes use of the Hamilton International Airport for training.

Requirements For Admission
Applicants must have the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent;

  • Grade 12 Mathematics, MAP4C ≥ 60%; or MCT4C; or any U or equivalent.
    Breakdown: Applicants must be able to solve mathematical problems at the OSSD grade 12 level.
  • English (Grade 12), U, C or equivalent. Breakdown: Applicants must be able to properly listen, speak, read, and write in English language at the grade 12 level.
  • Must complete the GAS-EAP (478) Program Level 8.
  • IELTS: A minimum score of 6.5 overall with a minimum band score of 6.0.
  • TOEFL: A minimum score of 83 for internet based.
  • An applicant whose first language isn’t English must undergo an English test.

For more information, call;

5. Mount Royal University

This is a Public University located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is one of the best pilot training schools in Canada.
Before being admitted to study aviation at the university, a Private Pilot Licence must be acquired. MRU offers the Private Pilot Licence program annually, and it can also be gotten from elsewhere before seeking admission into the university to run the diploma program.

Admission into the school is very competitive, this means that the best students are considered first before others.

For more information on the requirements for admission, Visit Here,
or call +1 403-440-6111.

6. Fanshawe College

The college runs an aviation program known as Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics, and this program runs for a period of three years. The program focuses on teaching students about aircraft maintenance including systems used in aviation, giving students avionics training on repairs, service and maintenance.

To view the requirements to gain admission into this college, CLICK HERE.

7. Mount Allison University

It’s located in Sackville, Canada, and it’s one of the prestigious universities to pursue a career as a pilot.

The field of study under aviation offered by the University includes; Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, General Aviation/Airway Management and Operations.

The University is partnering with a top flight training establishment in North America, Moncton Flight College (MFC), in other to give students the best.
CLICK HERE to view the requirements needed for admission into this University.

8. Confederation College

It’s located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It’s a fine school to consider when looking to study aviation in Canada.
The school has two large hangers, labs and shops, classrooms, and runs two full-time aviation programs;

  • Aviation Flight Management
  • Aviation Technician-Aircraft Maintenance.

CLICK HERE to view the requirements needed for admission into this University.

9. Canadian Aviation College

This is an Aviation institute in Pitt Meadows, Canada. Being an aviation-focused college, students are exposed to advanced aviation theories, and are also trained in different areas concerning aviation.
Students who participate in the aviation program will obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence with a Multi-Engine & Instrument rating, and they would also obtain a diploma upon graduation.
For more information,
Call: +1 604-299-7777
Visit School Website.

10. Sault College

This is undoubtedly one of the best flight schools in Canada where students are groomed to become professional pilots. Students have access to flight simulators and real aircraft under the supervision of top flight instructors.
The aviation program runs for 3 years before a diploma is obtained.
Visit School Website

11. Seneca College

The college is located in Ontario, Canada, and runs several aviation programs;

  • Aviation Operations (2 years)
  • Aviation Safety (3 years)
  • Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology (4 years)

Visit School Website for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How much Do Pilots make annually?

This question’s answer is complicated as different positions, experiences, and airline companies attracts different pay. However, at a regional airline, you should earn between $35,000 to $55,000 a year as an airline pilot.

How can I become a Commercial Pilot?

You’ll have to acquire a private pilot licence, a commercial pilot licence, an instrument rating, get certified medically, a flight instructor certificate, and bag some flight hours. The first step is enrolling in a flight school.

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