Top 11 Best Online Doctoral Programs In Europe, Requirements & Fees

What are the best online Doctoral Programs In Europe? An online Doctoral Program is an option that you can choose from. It may seem like the campus is not the only place to learn what you need, but visiting those places can expensive hence the introduction of Distance Learning that offers students the opportunity to learn online at the comfort of their home. This is why online education is becoming popular due to it’s accessibility for people who want to study remain in their homes or offices..

Many people, however, lack the time and resources to return to school full-time. This is why it is vital to comprehend the numerous benefits of obtaining a doctorate degree online.

What is a PhD or Doctorate program?

PhD is known as the “Doctor of “Philosophy is research programmes that allow you to learn as you work through the issues associated with solving a particular problem.  This higher academic or professional degree takes 3 to 8 years to complete and qualifies the degree holder to teach their chosen subject at the university level or to work in a specialized position in their chosen field in most countries.

Best Online Doctoral Programs in Europe:

Distance or Online learning are becoming increasingly popular with the advancement of technology. Many universities now offer online courses that enables students acquire degrees without leaving their home country.  Students can now acquire degrees from reputable universities and colleges in the world  without having to live in a specific city or country. Online programs can be very cost-effective for those who are unable to relocate for an extended period of time or who want to pursue their degrees from a distance.

If you are planning to apply or study a Doctoral Program online, at the comfort of your home country, then this article is specially for you. We have outlined some online doctoral Programs that will allow you to continue working or doing anything while you attend classes and complete your degree. Many online doctoral programs offer flexible class schedules and the opportunity to earn a doctorate via correspondence learning program.

Below are our list of Online Doctoral Programs In Europe and other handy informations.

1. Professional Doctorate in Health offered by University of Bath:

Program Overview:

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Tuition Fee: €9,148
  • Delivery Mode: Online / Distance Learning

First on our list of best universities for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe is the University of Bath in United kingdom.

The University of Bath is a public research university located in Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom. It received its royal charter in 1966, along with a number of other institutions following the Robbins Report. The University has over 19,000 students Is one of the best institution in Europe.

Is the University of Bath a good University?

University of Bath  received her Royal Charter in 1966 and are now established as a top 10 UK university with a reputation for research and teaching excellence. University of Bath is highly ranked in independent league tables for overall performance, student satisfaction and graduate employment. They currently offered a PhD Doctorate program in Health.

About the Program:

The Professional Doctorate in Health offered by the University of Bath is designed for a range of health and social care professionals who are interested in furthering their development as expert practitioners and researchers in practice. This program is delivered online and covers areas such as Public Health, Health Administration and Health Sciences.

The program utilizes the web-based delivery blended with Summer Schools (typically five days in length), the  Professional Doctorate in Health at the  University of Bath aims to meet the learning needs of busy health and social care practitioners.

During the first two years of study, students will be mandated to complete a series of units covering research methods, evidence based practice, comparative health policy and other topics relevant to research in practice. Also, throughout the first two years of the program, students will also be tasked with developing a protocol for their doctoral research project. Unlike the PhD programme, this particular program does not expect you to have a well-developed research protocol before commencing your studies. Your Personal Development Adviser (PDA) will work with you to develop your research plans, before handing over to an academic and practice-based supervisor during the second year.

Programme features:

  • Carry out independent research and understand research methods whilst remaining in your practice area.
  • Choose your learning style within a flexible environment amongst a multi-professional community.
  • Expand your understanding of policy and practice in the context of international healthcare systems and service.

More information, enquires and detailed information can be seen on the program application portals here.

2.  Doctorate of Education (Research) in University of Glasgow:

Program Overview:

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Delivery Mode: Online / Distance Learning
  • Tuition fee:  for 2023/24
    UK: £3,765
    International & EU: £8,180
  • EdD (online): 5 years part-time; Thesis of 50,000-60,000 words

University of Glasgow is one of the best universities for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe.  The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland. The University was founded by papal bull in 1451 and is  the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. The University has over 26,000 students enjoying high quality education from this prestigious institution.

About the program:

The University of Glasgow offers a Doctoral Program on Education (Doctorate of Education (Research). This  online distance learning programme offers a professionally relevant and academically rigorous opportunity for advanced study in education. The programme at University of Glasgow is designed for professionals at all levels in education, training and development, and in education-related fields.

The Doctorate of Education offered by University of Glasgow is comparable to a PhD in terms of scale and rigour. It differs in that it provides a structured programme of advanced study that is relevant to your profession and focused on the inter-relationship of research, policy and practice. The good thing about the program is that it focuses deep  on the collaborative learning, drawing on your own experiences and those of your academic colleagues.

The program is designed to help students benefits from the activities of the Program’s five knowledge and research groups:

  • Creativity, culture and faith;
  • Interdisciplinary science education, technologies and learning;
  • Professional learning and leadership;
  • Pedagogy, policy and practice;
  • Social justice, place and lifelong education.

This Doctorate program at University of Glasgow has lucrative career prospect as it gives you the skills and confidence to further advance your career to the highest levels in education and education-related fields.

Requirements for this programme:

  • GPA – Upper Second Class
  • English requirements – IELTS 7
  • Masters level qualification in education or a cognate subject area.
    As well as two academic references, you also need to submit samples of recent academic writing, such as assignments and a dissertation, as part of your application.

More information, enquires and detailed information can be seen on the University of Glasgow website.

3. PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies offered by European College for Liberal Studies, Zurich Switzerland (ECLS)

Program Overview

  • Length – 2+ years
  • Study pace – Part time
  • Education level – Doctorate / PhD
  • Tuition fee: 36,000 CHF / 36,776.15 Euros

The European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS)  is one of the best colleges for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe.  European College for Liberal Studies offers an Online PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies.

This postgraduate programs provides a structured programme of advanced study that is relevant to your profession and focused on the inter-relationship of research in communication. The Program has its requirements and are fully compatible with the established European and American educational systems.

The programs are advanced academic programs for college and university graduates, as well as working professionals wishing to pursue a progressive career in the field of communication and liberal arts. The college is truly global community provides ample opportunities for students to pursue academic topics of interest and research with an emphasis on globalization, communication and higher education.

Admission requirements:

Master degree (or equivalent, or higher), more information can be found on the program’s website.

4.  Story Foundry PhD by Publication (Distance Learning) offered by Bath Spa University:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 1-2 years
  • Study pace: Full time
  • Education level:Doctorate / PhD
  • Study Type: Online
  • Tuition Fee: £17,510

Bath Spa University is one of the best universities for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe. Bath Spa University is a public university in Bath, England, with its main campus at Newton Park, about 3+1⁄2 miles west of the centre of the city. The university has other campuses in the city of Bath, and has over 8,450 enjoying quality education in the Institution.

About The Program:

The Story Foundry PhD by Publication is an international liberal arts PhD for established practitioners to integrate innovative forms of practice into critical narrative investigation. This doctoral programme is hosted by leading industry experts within Bath Spa University’s Research Centre for Transcultural Creativity and Education (TRACE).

The program will give you the ability to articulate your practice and career within specialist contexts, such as situating your work within literary and storytelling traditions or within the context of social, economical and digital transformations.

Rather than focusing narrowly on the discipline or subject, we’ll support you to focus on the purpose of your research and we’ll help you to produce a thesis that aligns with your career goals.

This course is only available as a full-time PhD. However, highly focused candidates will be able to fit their programme of study around existing commitments. Apply Here.

5. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offered by Geneva Business School – Geneva:

Program Overview

  • Length: 3 years
  • Study pace: Full time
  • Education level: Doctorate / PhD
  • Study Type: Online
  • Intakes: February and September
  • Degree Awarded: Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Credits: 240 ECTS:

Fees: Application Fee – EUR 150 (non-refundable, paid upon application) Administration Fee: €1,900. Tuition per Term: EUR 3,900 (3-year / 9-term program) * One year = 3 terms

Geneva Business School is one of the best colleges for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe.  Geneva Business School offers an Online PhD Doctorate programs and they are the leading educational institution that provides cutting-edge Swiss Quality Education.

Geneva Business School offers a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) which is taught exclusively in English online. During the first and second year of this Doctoral Program, you will undertake six self-study courses through our innovative online learning platform. These are designed to equip you with the skills you will need for your business research project during your third and final year.

Throughout the program year, you will be given a DBA Program Manager who still direct and support you in the program while in the final year will receive direct support from an experienced professional from your field of interest.  Once the project is complete, you will present it to a panel of experts in your field.

Admission requirements

  • Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field
  • English Requirement – IELTS 7.0 / TOEFL 85 / DET 115-120 (official English exam results) or proof of studying previously in an English-speaking environment for a minimum of 3 years
  • Scanned copy of all required academic diplomas, transcripts, certificates
    Extensive previous business/professional experience
  • Photocopy of valid passport/national ID
  • Resume/CV
  • Reference letters from a former academic institution and from current employer (if applicable)
  • Completion of the Thesis Proposal Form.

More Information about this program can be found on the School website.

6. Doctorate Of Business Administration (DBA) offered by International French University

Program Overview:

  • Length: 24-36 months (2-3 years)
  • Study pace: Part time
  • Education level: Doctorate / PhD
  • Study Type: Online
  • Tuition fee:  €5,990 per year


nternational French University is one of the best colleges for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe.  International French University (IFU) is an international business school that provides Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) and Doctorate of Business Administration programs (DBA) with 3 specializations: Finance & Accounting Management. They are affiliated to Groupe Paris Ecole de Management (Groupe PEM).

About The Program:

International French University offers a Doctorate Of Business Administration (DBA) program which aims at training students on becoming better leaders of tomorrow. This program is taught and accessed 100% online + Live Webinars Video lessons accessible 24/7 + Webinars with renowned professionals in your field.

The Program objectives are stated below;

  • The Programs teaches you the working knowledge of the latest research, theories and business market trends.
  • Demonstrate a sharp mastery of the business world and your personal commitment to scientific research
    Become experienced managers, and have a higher level of intelligibility of practices
  • Demonstrate your analytical skills and ability to solve problems and seek solutions
    Open doors to professional opportunities in a variety of industries and environments.

More information about this program can be accessed on the official website.

7. Doctorate of Art and Design (Research) offered by Birmingham City University:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 4 years
  • Education level: Doctorate / PhD
  • Level: Postgraduate Research
  • Study mode: Distance Learning
  • Start dates: September 2023, February 2024
  • School: Birmingham School of Art
  • Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Design and MMedia
  • Tuition fees: UK – £2,875 | International- £8,500

About this program:

Birmingham City University offers a PhD Doctorate program in Art and Design which aims are helping students creating the opportunities to develop research skills that support professional practice, research and/or academic careers within the fields of art, design and the creative industries.

In this program, students will study in a world-class research environment which enables both practice-led and/or entirely text based PhD research to be developed to the highest level.


  • To apply for this Art and Design PhD research degree, you should have, or expect to be awarded, a Masters degree in a relevant subject area from a British or overseas university.
  • Also, Exceptional candidates without a Masters degree, but holding a first class Bachelors degree in a relevant subject area, may be considered.
  • Apply Here

8. Doctorate Of Business Administration by Birmingham City University:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 4 Years
  • Study mode: Distance Learning
  • Award: DBA
  • School: Birmingham City Business School
  • Faculty: Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Tuition fee: £7,100 in 2022/23

About This Program:

The Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offered by Birmingham City University is intended to assist career professionals who wish to enhance, contribute to and transform practice.

This  professional doctorate completed on a part-time (Executive) basis. An internationally established highest level qualification, the course enables you to earn the title of Doctor without putting your career on hold.

The DBA is designed to help you apply action research-based thinking to ideas in practice and work, or practice based problems whilst deepening and broadening your understanding of application to professional practice.

Entry requirements

  • To join the DBA programme, you must have completed an MA, MSc or MBA degree in a particular area of business-related professional practice and have at least five years related professional practice experience, as well as being employed in the professional capacity that you propose to study.
  • You must have the formal agreement and active co-operation of the organisation where the DBA studies are to take place.

Visit here to apply and for more information

9. PhD in English Research by Birmingham City University:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 4-7 years
  • Study mode: Distance Learning
  • Start dates: September 2022, February 2023
  • School: School of English
  • Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Design and Media
  • Tuition fee:  £2,875

About This Program:

Birmingham City University offers a PhD in English program which aims In helping students develop good research skills which further support their professional practice, research and/or academic careers.

In this program, you will work closely with a team of specialist academics in your chosen field, and receive excellent support tailored to your individual needs.


  • To apply for our English PhD research degree you should have, or expect to be awarded, a Masters degree in a relevant English literary or linguistic field from a British or overseas university.
  • Exceptional applicants without a Master’s degree, but holding a first class Bachelors degree in English, may be considered dependent upon the academic coherence and promise of their research proposal, and its consonance with the academic expertise of the School.

10. The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) offered by Teesside University:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 4-5 years
  • Attendance: Distance Learning
  • Tuition fees: UK – £6,100, International Students – £14,000

Teesside University is a public university with its main campus in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire in North East England. Teesside University is one of the best colleges for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe with over  21,000 students studying in the UK, according to the 2020/21 HESA student record.

About This Program:

Teesside University Doctoral Program on Public Health is a unique course that offers an enhanced opportunities for students wishing to pursue studies in the academic and applied world of public health. Teesside University is keen to share its vision by reaching out to students worldwide – either as attendees or distance learners with full support and interactive resources with experienced team members.

The course Moffers a distinguished broader-based learning programme aligned with the growing worldwide interest in public health development. This Course is accessed online through the distance learning rules, And the teaching methods include use of the VLE where written learning materials, narrated PowerPoint presentations, webinars, interactive structured learning materials and activities are put. As a distance learning student you are encouraged to participate in a range of discussion forums using VLE platforms such as the discussion board, wikis and blogs.


  • You must have completed the equivalent of 120 Level 7 (L7) credits, relevant to public health: this can be from a postgraduate diploma or master’s or MPhil course normally within the last five years
  • Applicants who completed a postgraduate diploma or master’s qualification outside of five years will normally need to demonstrate currency of the qualification through two years professional experience in a relevant field supported by an employer’s letter confirming the applicant uses the learning regularly in practice, or provide modules of equivalent learning.

11 Doctorate of Social Science (Research) by University of Leicester:

Program Overview:

  • Length: 4 years
  • Education level
  • Delivery method: Online / Distance
  • Tuition fees: £25,000

About this Program:

University of Leicester is one of the best colleges for Online Doctoral Programs In Europe. The University of Leicester offers a Doctoral Program on Social Science which is a study of research techniques available for enhancing professional knowledge and the ability to utilise appropriate research techniques to produce research of publishable quality;

The DSocSci is equivalent to a PhD – and like the PhD holders are allowed to use the title ‘Doctor’. The DSocSci is available for study by distance learning only and can be completed in a minimum of 48 months to a maximum of 72 months. You can start your degree in February, May or October.


  • Standard academic entry requirements and English language entry requirements apply.
  •   Evidence of a relevant Masters degree, preferably at distinction level, together with a detailed outline of your initial research proposal. The validity and quality of the proposal will be of crucial significance in determining eligibility for entry.

What’s the difference between PhD and doctorate?

PhD is known as the Doctor of Philosophy and this is part of doctorate degree programs. Many people sometimes thinks a PhD Degree is higher than a doctorate, but this is not the case as both are on the same level and PhD lies within the doctorate category, which means none is better or higher than the other.

If you are planning to get into a doctorate or PhD program, it is important to understand that while both are doctoral degrees, the educational goals and typical career paths for each type of degree differ. Both PhD and Doctorate are the highest level of academic qualification and they have their strengths. Your decision should be based on what you want to study and how you want to use your degree.

The bottom line is that PhD focuses more on academic, researches and heavy on theory while doctorate degree is intended for you to master a subject in both theory and practice.

Professional doctoral degree examples include:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA),
  •   Doctor of Education (EdD),
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and
  • Doctor of Public Health (DrPH). Or you could earn a PhD in Management, PhD in Education, PhD in Nursing, or PhD in Public Health. All of these degrees are doctoral degrees, even though some are professional doctorates and some are PhDs.

What qualifications are needed for PhD?

PhD/Doctorate are the highest academic level one can attained and only those those that meet the needed qualifications or requirements can successfully enroll for a PhD/Doctorate program.

To apply for a PhD/Doctorate you will need to hold a Master’s Degree with high academic standing, along with a Bachelor’s Degree with at least upper second-class honors.However, in some situation or some schools can allow you to apply for PhD/Doctorate even without a master’s degree.

Can I apply for PhD without a masters degree?

Although, majority of universities requires a Masters Degree while application for a PhD or Doctorate program, but in some case, you can apply for PhD without a masters degree. If you are planning to apply for a PhD program without a masters degree, you are free to do so as some universities offer direct entry to PhD programs from undergraduate or bachelor degree studies if you meet the school’s and program’s admission criteria. Also, some schools may offer dual programs, which allows you to obtain a Master’s Degree while you complete the coursework for a PhD.

However, a growing number of universities now offer one year masters programs that may be beneficial to you and some of the highest paying masters degrees may be worth exploring before considering direct-entry PhD programs.

The availability of direct entry bachelor’s to PhD programs and dual master-PhD programs may vary from school to school. So, it can be helpful to research specific schools and fields of interest before applying.


There are a lots of Doctorate programs in Europe that offer a great opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience working with world-class academics in an academic setting. Not only will you be able to build up your research skills, but you will also learn how to operate within a professional environment. There are hundreds of other doctoral programs available across Europe, that is not listed in our article, so if one isn’t right for you, keep exploring until you find the perfect.

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