Top Catholic Secondary Schools In London

This article outline the Top Catholic Secondary Schools in London and also provide vital information about this schools which includes their locations, website and other handy informations.

There are more Catholic schools in London than in any other cities in England, attracting families with secondary school-age children to the region. With over thousands of secondary schools to choose from, people now tends to prefer religious affiliation schools of which the Roman Catholic tops the demand curve table.

Roman Catholic secondary schools can be found throughout the UK; some are highly sought-after by parents. These non-selective grammar schools are often the best equipped to offer a world-class education for their students, with all the facilities needed to allow students to reach their full potential.

Top Catholic Secondary Schools In London:

London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom, with a population of just under 9 million. In the UK, a Catholic school is an independent secondary school owns by the ancient Roman Catholic church. Catholic schools in UK are run by the church and follows the Government laid-down curriculum.

Let’s say just relocated to London or your kid is of on the verge of enrolling into the secondary level and you don’t know the best school to choose for him or her, then this article will help you out. Choosing the right school for your child sometimes can be a daunting task.

We all know, every parent wants their child to get off on the right footing in their life. Finding the best school match is very important hence while we listed the best Catholic Secondary Schools in London. Also you can read our previous articles if you don’t find the perfect school from this one.

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Scholarspoll’s aim is to help parents make the most appropriate choices with secondary school’s selection. To do this, we explore some of the best non-selective catholic secondary schools in London. Non-selective state schools accept students regardless of aptitude. A selective state school chooses students on the basis of academic ability.

As we all know, We have secondary schools for boys, girls and mixed genders hence while will categorized each school based on the school type.

After deep research, We at Scholars Poll has outlined top catholic secondary schools in London (NB: Our opinion)

Top Girls Catholic Secondary Schools In London:

The following schools are the top catholic secondary schools for Girls.

1. Sacred Heart High School:

  • Founded: 1893
  • Address: 212 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 7DG, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8748 7600
  • School Type: Girls

Sacred Heart High School is a Catholic secondary school and sixth form with academy status for girls, located in Hammersmith, London, England.

The school was founded in 1893 and has over 700 students and is considered as one of the top Roman Catholic secondary schools in London.

Sacred Heart High School offers high quality education for girl from the age of  11-18 and they have Academy status under the trusteeship of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  This Society has championed the education of young women for almost 180 years.

The goal of the school is to give students the a real sense of what it means to belong to a community of faith. The aim to educate all students holistically, to be engaged in all aspects of their learning, mind and heart, body and soul.  They prepare them to become positive role models, agents of change and leaders who will transform the world we live in, for the betterment of all.

2.  St Catherine’s School, Twickenham

  • Founded: 1953
  • Address:  Cross Deep, Twickenham TW1 4QJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8891 2898
  • School Type: Girls.
  • Website: https://www.stcatherineschool.co.uk/

St Catherine’s Catholic School for Girls is a Roman Catholic girls’ secondary school located in the Bexleyheath area of the London Borough of Bexley, England. The school was established in 1953 and offers secondary level education to Girls from 5-18 years of age.

The school has many years of experience in independent education and they are open for every girls from all faith and background who are happy to join their community for quality education.
According to the Principal’s welcome message, St Catherine’s is a caring school in which every girl is encouraged to explore her spiritual, academic and personal potential.

The school is motivated by two inspirational sayings. The first is our school motto ‘Not Words, but Deeds’ which captures the emphasis on action and on community life. The second is from St Catherine of Siena, after whom the school is named: ‘Be who God wants you to be and you will set the world on fire’. This encourages girls to focus on their own gifts and to be ambitious and creative. In this community everyone is valued.

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3.  St Ursula’s Convent Secondary School:

  • Founded: 1850
  • Address: 70 Crooms Hill, London SE10 8HN, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8858 4613
  • School Type: Girls

St Ursula’s Convent School is a Roman Catholic secondary school for girls, located in the Greenwich area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London, England. St Ursula’s is a voluntary aided school, and is part of the Ursuline Order within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

St Ursula offers top quality education to Girls from the age of 11 to 16 and are considered as one of the best single gender secondary schools in London.

4.  St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing

  • Founded: 1634
  • Address: Hillcrest Rd, London W5 2JL, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8997 2022
  • School Type: Girls.

St Augustine’s Priory School, is an independent Catholic girls’ school in the London Borough of Ealing, England. It was founded in 1634 and staffed by nuns from the priory, though the school has been run by a lay head since 1996.

St Augustine Priory School consists of Nursery for (3-4), Prep (4–7 years), Junior (7-11) and Senior (11-18) departments and welcomes girls of all faiths. In 2014, it was in the top three best performing GCSE schools in Ealing.

St Augustine was among the top three best performing GCSE schools in Ealing and they offer top quality education to Girls from the age of 11 to 18.

5. Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls’ School

  • Founded: 1855
  • Address: 118 St George’s Rd, London SE1 6EX, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 7261 1121
  • School Type: Girls

Notre Dame High School is an all-girls’ Roman Catholic comprehensive school situated in Elephant and Castle, in south London in the UK.  The school gives quality education to  Girls from the ages 11-16 and from all faith and background.

6. St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls

  • Founded: 1994
  • Address: Upper Site, 6 Oakthorpe Rd, London N13 5TY, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8886 2165
  • School Type: Girls

St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls is an all-girls Catholic secondary school located in London, England, which was founded to provide education for Catholic girls aged 11–18. It is situated in Palmers Green and is the highest performing non-selective school in the London Borough of Enfield. 

Top Boys Catholic Secondary Schools In London:

The below are our top selected all-boys catholic secondary schools in London.

7.  St Anthony’s School for Boys

  • Founded: 1898
  • Address: 90 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London, NW3 6NP
  • Telephone: +44 2074353597
  • Contact: Boys.

St. Anthony’s School is a Catholic preparatory school in Hampstead, London, for boys aged 4 to 13. The school also has a nursery school for children from the age of 2.5 to 4 which is housed in St Anthony’s School for Girls, the sister school to St Anthony’s school for Boys on North End Road.

St. Anthony is a top Roman Catholic secondary school but also accept boys of other faiths. The school has a family atmosphere, relaxed and unstuffy, but with a rigorous approach to learning. It is not a ‘hot house’ and great care is taken to ensure that pupils feel happy and at ease in the school environment.

8. St Aloysius’ RC College

  • Founded: 1879
  • Address: London Borough of Islington, North London
  • Contact: +44 20 7561 7800
  • School Type: Boys

St Aloysius’ College is an all-boys Roman Catholic state school in the London Borough of Islington, North London.  Each year around 180 pupils are admitted to Year 7 on the basis of examination, however the local education authority also assigns students without a school to this school.  According to Wikipedia, this school has over 1000 students enrolled and are also considered one of the best boys secondary schools in London.

9. Finchley Catholic High School

  • Founded: 1926
  • Address: Woodside Ln, London N12 8TA, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8445 0105
  • School Type: Boys

Finchley Catholic High School is a boys’ secondary school with a coeducational sixth form in North Finchley, part of the London Borough of Barnet, England. The current head teacher is Niamh Arnull, who had previously been a member of the teaching staff in the 1990s. According to Wikipedia, this school has over 1200 students enrolled and are also considered one of the best boys secondary schools in London.

10. Gunnersbury School

  • Founded: 1932
  • Address: The Ride, London TW8 9LB, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8568 7281

Gunnersbury Boys’ School is a Roman Catholic Secondary School for boys with specialist Science College status. The school is situated in Brentford, London and was founded by William Roche 1932.

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Top Mixed Gender catholic secondary schools in London:

The below is our selected top Mixed Gender catholic secondary schools in London.

11. St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School

  • Founded: 1964
  • Address: Footscray Rd, London SE9 2SU, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8850 6700
  • School Type: Mixed Gender

St Thomas More Catholic School is a mixed (boys and girls) Roman Catholic secondary school, located in the Eltham area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London, England. The school was first established in 1964, and is supported by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

12. Bishop Thomas Grant School:

  • Founded: September 9, 1959
  • Address: Belltrees Grove, London SW16 2HY, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8769 3294
  • School Type: Mixed Gender

Bishop Thomas Grant School is a mixed Roman Catholic secondary school and sixth form, situated in the Streatham area of the London Borough of Lambeth, England. The school is named after the first Bishop of Southwark, Thomas Grant who was named in the First Vatican Council. 

13. St James’ Catholic High School

  • Founded: 1934
  • Address: Great Strand, London NW9 5PE, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 8358 2800
  • School Type: Mixed Gender

St James Catholic High School is voluntary aided mixed sex school for students from 11–18 years of age. It was founded by the Dominican sisters in 1934. Today it operates from one site in Colindale, Barnet in North London, England.

14. Maria Fidelis Catholic School

  • Founded: 1830
  • Address: 1 Drummond Cres, London NW1, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 7387 3856
  • School Type: Mixed Gender
  • Website: http://www.mariafidelis.camden.sch.uk

Maria Fidelis FCJ Catholic School is a Roman Catholic co-educational secondary school in the London Borough of Camden, England.  This school was formerly all-girls secondary school before it was made a mixed gender school in 2013.

15. St Michael’s Catholic College

  • Founded: 1 November 2012
  • Address: Llewellyn St, London SE16 4UN, United Kingdom
  • Contact:+44 20 7237 6432
  • School Type: Mixed Gender.

St Michael’s Catholic College is a coeducational secondary school with academy status, located in the London district of Southwark.  This school has over 900 students and offers quality education to boys and girls from all faith.

16. All Saints Catholic College

  • Address: 75 St Charles Square, London, W10 6EL
  • Contact: +44 2089697111
  • School Type: Mixed Gender

All Saints Catholic College is a Roman Catholic Mixed secondary school situated in the North Kensington area of London, England.  It was formerly called ‘Sion-Manning Catholic Girls’ School until the change of name in September 2018 and subsequently became a mixed school boys and girls.

All Saints Catholic College offers top quality education to secondary school students from age range of 11 to 16. Th aim of the college is to ensure that they offer a safe but joyous learning environment to all students so that that they can find the confidence to flourish during their time at All Saints.”

17.  St John Bosco College:

  • Founded: September 1, 2011.
  • Address: Parkham St, London SW11 3DQ, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 7924 8310
  • School Type: Mixed Gender

St. John Bosco College is a Roman Catholic secondary school and sixth form for boys and girls, located in Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth, England.

Saint John Bosco may be a Catholic college, but the school are willing to welcome students from all range of faiths and cultures and these differences are embraced and celebrated.

St John Bosco College expect every child who joins us to aim high and always do their best in every thing that they do. With a broad and balanced curriculum, excellent teaching, a modern purpose-built school and a caring, nurturing ethos; St Bosco College provide an excellent environment where all of our pupils can reach their full potential.

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