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IMEP Paris College of Music acceptance rate, Requirements and info

The IMEP Paris College of Music, as the first and only Parisian institution of its kind, is an official member of the “Berklee Global Partners” network, established by the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

The institution’s team of active musicians, includes Chris Culpo, Josiah Woodson, Romain Pilon, François Fichu, Peter Giron, Phil Hilfiker, Rick Margitza, Manuel Rocheman, and Tony Saba, boasts several decades of experience and has successfully trained numerous professionals who are currently active in the music industry.

IMEP Paris College of Music offers three comprehensive courses: The Junior Program, The Open Program, and The Professional Program. The Junior Program is an instrumental course designed for young musicians who wish to develop their skills in playing various musical instruments.

The Open Program is a music course that allows students to explore various aspects of music such as history, theory, and composition. The Professional Program is a diploma course that provides a complete and in-depth education in contemporary and jazz music, preparing students to excel in the music industry as professional musicians. Each program is taught by experienced musicians, ensuring a high-quality education for every student.

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Duration: 0 – 30 weeks

Languages: French

At IMEP Paris College of Music, young people with an interest in music can take advantage of the Junior Program, which offers a variety of instrumental courses. With over 30 years of experience in music education, IMEP has quality teaching staff that provides exceptional guidance and expertise to young students.

IMEP offer training in a range of instruments including guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone, flute, violin, voice, trumpet, trombone, and cello. Their pedagogical approach focuses on group and social development, with students placed in age groups of 9-13 and 13-18 years.

The institution’s professors are dedicated to helping students develop their preferred music style while expanding their musical knowledge and discovering new ones. IMEP approach is tailored to meet the needs of adolescents while retaining fundamental principles. Their program emphasizes developing musical personality, gaining self-confidence, and broadening worldviews, all of which are essential milestones leading to adulthood.


Duration: 0 – 3 years

For amateurs who want to improve their instrument playing and useful fundamental musical skills such as ear training, solfege, and harmony

Whether you are a high school or college student, or a working adult, the schedules and flexibility of instruction are an excellent way to progress quickly.

Our courses revolve around three major axes: The Harmony/music theory course, The Instrument Course, and the Workshop.

Through the harmony/music theory course, you’ll learn to better understand the music you want to play and develop the skills to approach it autonomously. The instrument course helps you master your chosen instrument and become proficient in executing the music you have in your head. Finally, our workshop teaches you how to play in a group, collaborate with other musicians, arrange your music, and transmit it to others.


Duration: 0 – 5 years

The Professional Cycle Program offers a comprehensive and dynamic structure that provides extensive knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to enhance your progress during your training. By the end of your curriculum at IMEP, you will not only have acquired essential skills for your career but also built a top-tier network to rely on when launching your professional activity.

The Program is designed for aspiring musicians seeking a career, our Professional Cycle enables them to achieve a high level of expertise and establish their first professional network. It is a full-time program that offers rigorous training and practical experience to prepare students for the competitive music industry.

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Hearing/ Audition:

To gain admission to the IMEP Pro and Cycle Libre training courses, the audition serves as the gateway. The IMEP provides several audition dates throughout the year, and our training courses are open to individuals who have at least one year of self-taught or accompanied instrumental practice, and are aged 17 or above.

The audition is an essential step in evaluating your level, objectives, and project, to direct you to the training program that best suits your needs. At IMEP, we assess your musicality and potential in addition to your technical abilities. We evaluate all types of musicians, whether you come from a classical or self-taught background, and provide advice and guidance towards the training program best suited to your project.

To register for an audition, select a date from the options available and complete the audition registration form on our website. We recommend scheduling an audition as early as possible to avoid a refusal due to space constraints.

The audition itself typically lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

  • A 10-minute solfege test.
  • A performance on the instrument between 2 and 3 minutes.
  • A discussion with the teachers present

To apply for this school: visit IMEP.

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