Harrisburg University’s Day 1 CPT Programs for International Students: A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, the United States has been a magnet for international students seeking higher education and opportunities to gain practical work experience. One of the ways this has been done recently is through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) programs. Among the institutions offering these programs, the Harrisburg University Day 1 CPT program stands out with its unique and innovative approach. 

This will be our topic for discussion today – the CPT program at Harrisburg University and how you can benefit from it. During this discussion, we will also touch on the usual questions that people interested in CPT programs, especially at Harrisburg ask.

Harrisburg University

The very first thing we will be talking about here is Harrisburg University. A lot of us are interested in the school and its CPT program but how much do we know about them? Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a private, non-profit university located in the heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Established in 2001, Harrisburg University has rapidly become a renowned institution for its focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The university’s commitment to innovation and providing practical education experiences has made it a favored choice among international students.

The University campus is strategically located in Pennsylvania’s capital city, Harrisburg. This prime location offers students a vibrant and accessible setting. The university’s proximity to government agencies, research institutions, and major corporations creates ample opportunities for research, internships, and practical experiences.

What Is a CPT Program?

Now, Before we talk about Harrisburg University’s Day 1 CPT programs, let us first understand what CPT is and why it’s significant for international students. Curricular Practical Training is the full name for the abbreviation CPT. It is an employment authorization program in the United States specifically designed for F-1 visa holders (international students).

This program allows eligible students to engage in off-campus paid or unpaid practical training experiences that are integral to their academic curriculum. CPT enables international students to gain real-world experience while pursuing their studies, making them more competitive in the job market upon graduation.

A lot of schools in the United States offer this program but Harrisburg University stands out. When you look at the Harrisburg University review for day 1 CPT, it is evident why most consider them number one.

Harrisburg University’s Day 1 CPT Programs for International Students

Harrisburg remains one of the top day 1 CPT universities in the United States for so many reasons. Day 1 CPT, as the name suggests, is a unique CPT program that permits international students to begin their practical training from the first day of their academic program. This means students can work part-time or full-time off-campus, depending on the program, without waiting for a year of academic coursework.

How Curricular Practical Training Works

Harrisburg University offers Day 1 CPT programs in various disciplines especially those relating to technology and science education. International students enrolled in these programs can work off-campus while simultaneously pursuing their studies, and gaining valuable experience in their chosen fields. This early exposure to real-world work environments gives them a significant advantage in terms of building a strong resume and preparing for future job opportunities.

Curriculum and Eligibility

The specific eligibility criteria and program details may vary based on the selected course of study at Harrisburg University. Generally, students should meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in a STEM program at Harrisburg University.
  • Maintain a good academic standing and meet the university’s GPA requirements.
  • Have a valid F-1 visa.
  • Follow all CPT regulations and guidelines provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Benefits of Harrisburg University’s Day 1 CPT

Now, we understand What is CPT and how the Harrisburg University day 1 CPT program works. Let us look at some of the benefits;

  1. With Day 1 CPT, students can start their practical training right away, gaining a competitive edge in the job market.
  2. Students can build a professional network while working with industry professionals, potentially leading to job offers upon graduation.
  3. The practical experience acquired during CPT enhances students’ skills and prepares them for the workforce.
  4. CPT allows students to earn money while studying, helping to offset the costs of education.
  5. Harrisburg University’s close ties to regional businesses and industries provide students with a range of opportunities for CPT placements.


For international students, curricular practical training remains one of their favorite choices.  Harrisburg University saw this and introduced its Day 1 CPT program. This program presents a unique opportunity for those seeking high-quality STEM education and practical work experience. With its strategic location of the University, its emphasis on innovation, and its commitment to providing students with valuable experiences, Harrisburg University stands out.

Its day 1 CPT programs open doors to immediate practical training, career development, and a smooth transition from academics to the workforce. A program that has benefited a lot of international students and can benefit you too if you apply today.


Does Harrisburg University Offer Day 1 CPT?

Harrisburg University offers Day 1 CPT programs for international students in various STEM disciplines.

How Risky Is Day 1 CPT?

Day 1 CPT is a legitimate program, but students must adhere to the rules and regulations set by USCIS to avoid potential risks. It is essential to understand these regulations and seek guidance from the university’s international student services office.

What GPA Do You Need for CPT at Harrisburg University?

The specific GPA requirements may vary based on the program. It is advisable to check with the university’s admissions or international student services for program-specific GPA requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Get Day 1 CPT?

Students can typically apply for Day 1 CPT once they have met the program-specific requirements, which might be within the first semester or year of their studies.

Is New England College Good for Day 1 CPT?

New England College may offer CPT programs, but it is advisable to directly contact the college for information on its CPT offerings and eligibility.

What Companies Accept Day 1 CPT?

Many companies in the United States accept international students on Day 1 CPT, especially those seeking STEM talent. Popular industries include technology, healthcare, and engineering.

What College in Texas Offers Day 1 CPT?

Several universities and colleges in Texas offer Day 1 CPT programs for international students. Each institution may have its specific programs and eligibility requirements.

How to Work on CPT in the USA

To work on CPT in the USA, you should:

  • Be enrolled in a U.S. institution, such as Harrisburg University.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements for CPT, including maintaining good academic standing.
  • Apply for CPT through your institution’s international student services office.
  • Follow all USCIS guidelines and regulations during your CPT employment.

Why Should I Choose Harrisburg University?

Harrisburg University offers a unique blend of STEM education and practical experience through its Day 1 CPT programs. Its strategic location, emphasis on innovation, and strong industry connections make it an ideal choice for international students seeking a competitive edge in the job market.

What Does a CPT Do?

A Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program allows international students to engage in off-campus practical training experiences related to their academic field. This can involve internships, co-op programs, or other work opportunities that provide valuable hands-on experience and enhance their career prospects.

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