Football Clubs That Start With A

Are you looking for football clubs that start with A? You’ve come to the right place. I know there are so many clubs in the world, you may be wondering if every letter of the alphabet is represented.

Well, in this article we’ll be focusing on some of the most well-known clubs from around the globe whose names begin with the letter A.

Let’s get started shall we?

Football Clubs That Start With A  

Here are 100 football clubs from around the world whose names start with the letter A:

1. Arsenal (England)

2. Atlético Madrid (Spain)

3. Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia)

4. Al-Ahly (Egypt)

5. Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates)

6. Ajax (Netherlands)

7. Auckland City (New Zealand)

8. Antalyaspor (Turkey)

9. Atlético Nacional (Colombia)

10. Albirex Niigata (Japan)

11. Alanyaspor (Turkey)

12. Adelaide United (Australia)

13. Apollon Limassol (Cyprus)

14. Apollon Smyrni (Greece)

15. Al-Fateh (Saudi Arabia)

16. AC Arles-Avignon (France)

17. Al-Wahda (Saudi Arabia)

18. Al-Taawoun (Saudi Arabia)

19. Argentinos Juniors (Argentina)

20. Al-Qadsiah (Saudi Arabia)

21. Al-Ahli (Saudi Arabia)

22. Al-Shabab (Saudi Arabia)

23. Assam (India)

24. Aalesunds (Norway)

25. Arminia Bielefeld (Germany)

26. AC Horsens (Denmark)

27. Angers SCO (France)

28. Al-Shola (Saudi Arabia)

29. Al-Kawkab (Saudi Arabia)

30. Al-Batin (Saudi Arabia)

31. Al-Hazem (Saudi Arabia)

32. Aberdeen (Scotland)

33. Assyriska FF (Sweden)

34. Austria Klagenfurt (Austria)

35. APOEL (Cyprus)

36. Anorthosis (Cyprus)

37. FK Arendal (Norway)

38. Al Wahdat (Jordan)

39. Abha Club (Saudi Arabia)

40. Austria Wien (Austria)

41. Academica Clinceni (Romania)

42. Agroun (Algeria)

43. Astra Giurgiu (Romania)

44. Arda Kardzhali (Bulgaria)

45. Austria Salzburg (Austria)

46. Al-Nasr (Saudi Arabia)

47. Al-Faisaly (Saudi Arabia)

48. Al-Qurain (Saudi Arabia)

49. Athletico Paranaense (Brazil)

50. Al Ahed (Lebanon)

51. America-MG (Brazil)

52. Atlético Tucumán (Argentina)

53. Augsburg (Germany)

54. Amiens SC (France)

55. Agdam FK (Azerbaijan)

56. Academica (Portugal)

57. Altay SK (Turkey)

58. Atlanta United (USA)

59. Atromitos (Greece)

60. Almería (Spain)

61. América de Cali (Colombia)

62. Al-Batin (Saudi Arabia)

63. Al-Raed (Saudi Arabia)

64. Austrian Lustenau (Austria)

65. Al Rayyan (Qatar)

66. Aris Thessaloniki (Greece)

67. Académica de Coimbra (Portugal)

68. Al Sailiya (Qatar)

69. Académica (Portugal)

70. Al Wasl (UAE)

71. Al-Hazm (Saudi Arabia)

72. Al-Shabab (Saudi Arabia)

73. Augsburg 1907 (Germany)

74. Ansan Greeners (South Korea)

75. Asteras Tripolis (Greece)

76. Al-Wehdat (Jordan)

77. Al-Faisaly (Jordan)

78. Albanian KuKësi (Albania)

79. AC Ajaccio (France)

80. Aalesund (Norway)

81. Allianssi FS (Finland)

82. ADO Den Haag (Netherlands)

83. Amkar Perm (Russia)

84. Academica Petrorilense (Mozambique)

85. Aris Limassol (Cyprus)

86. Al-Arabi SC (Qatar)

87. Anderlecht (Belgium)

88. Albirex Niigata Singapore (Singapore)

89. AS Nancy-Lorraine (France)

90. Associação Académica de Coimbra (Portugal)

91. Arema Cronus (Indonesia)

92. AS Vita Club (DR Congo)

93. Al Wakrah SC (Qatar)

94. Asante Kotoko SC (Ghana)

95. Avellino (Italy)

96. Anhui Hongcheng (China)

97. Asmaral (Angola)

98. América Mineiro (Brazil)

99. ADO ’20 (Netherlands)

100. Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates)

101. Aragua FC (Venezuela)

102. AS Nancy (France)

103. Al-Shorta (Iraq)

104. Associação Académica de Coimbra (Portugal)

105. AS Trenčín (Slovakia)

106. Alueluelu Essen McCann (Samoa)

107. AS Den Bosch (Netherlands)

108. Al-Farouq (Saudi Arabia)

109. AD Alcorcón (Spain)

110. Al-Faisaly (Jordan)

111. A&M United (Samoa)

112. Al Merreikh (Sudan)

113. Albirex Niigata Singapore (Singapore)

114. Academia Puskás (Hungary)

115. ASA Tel Aviv University (Israel)

116. Al-Hazem (Saudi Arabia)

117. Al Jazira (Saudi Arabia)

118. ASK Örebro (Sweden)

119. Al-Hazm (Saudi Arabia)

120. Al-Raed (Saudi Arabia)

121. AS Samaritaine (Martinique)

122. AD Camacha (Portugal)

123. Al-Nahda (Saudi Arabia)

124. ACM Verrières (Switzerland)

125. Al-Shoulla (Saudi Arabia)

126. ASKÖ Linz (Austria)

127. Al-Nojoom (Saudi Arabia)

128. Asupe FBC (Vanuatu)

129. Alverca (Portugal)

130. AO Kavala (Greece)

131. AC Bellinzona (Switzerland)

132. AA Gent (Belgium)

133. APOP Pattichiou (Cyprus)

134. Aiginiakos (Greece)

135. AC Kakogawa (Japan)

136. AC Horsens (Denmark)

137. AD Ceuta (Spain)

138. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów (Poland)

139. Arbroath (Scotland)

140. Arezzo (Italy)

141. ACM Sport (Morocco)

142. Anthropic (USA)

143. AS Doleyres (Switzerland)

144. Al Masry (Egypt)

145. AC Horsens (Denmark)

146. Ateş JSC (Azerbaijan)

147. AS Otohō (New Caledonia)

148. Asswehly (Libya)

149. Al-Kholood (Saudi Arabia)

150. AS Béziers (France)

151. Al Safa (Lebanon)

152. Al-Nahda Club (Oman)

153. AC Matera (Italy)

154. Amkar (Russia)

155. AC Perugia (Italy)

156. Al-Taawoun (Saudi Arabia)

157. Arema FC (Indonesia)

158. AS Nancy-Lorraine (France)

159. ASPTT Albi (France)

160. Aris Limassol (Cyprus)

161. AC Horsens (Denmark)

162. Al-Adalah (Saudi Arabia)

163. AC Bellinzona (Switzerland)

164. Asfa Yennenga FC (Burkina Faso)

165. AC Arles-Avignon (France)

166. Al-Ansar (Lebanon)

167. AC Ajaccio (France)

168. Asolón Fútbol Club (Guatemala)

169. Al-Kawkab (Saudi Arabia)

170. AD Alcorcón (Spain)

171. Al-Mujazzal (Saudi Arabia)

172. Ahli Benghazi (Libya)

173. ADI Hódmezővásárhely (Hungary)

174. ACS Snagov (Romania)

175. Al-Shoulla (Saudi Arabia)

176. Al-Entesar (Saudi Arabia)

177. Asante Kotoko (Ghana)

178. Alghero Calcio (Italy)

179. Al-Wehdat (Jordan)

180. Al Ballout (Egypt)

181. Abha Club (Saudi Arabia)

182. Academia Puşkin (Moldova)

183. AD Ceuta (Spain)

184. Accra Lions FC (Ghana)

185. Avellino 1912 (Italy)

186. Al-Suwaiq Club (Oman)

187. Al-Orouba (Saudi Arabia)

188. Asante Kotoko (Ghana)

189. Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)

190. Arbroath (Scotland)

191. Arka Gdynia (Poland)

192. Alviro (Venezuela)

193. AC Reggiana (Italy)

194. Al-Ahli (Saudi Arabia)

195. Al-Tilal (Saudi Arabia)

196. Al Urooba (Saudi Arabia)

197. Al-Batin (Saudi Arabia)

198. Annitsa Karditsa FC (Greece)

199. Ar-Rub Al-Mali Club (Iraq)

200. AS Deçiq (Kosovo)


To wrap up, this article talked about some of the many well-known soccer teams whose names begin with A. It doesn’t matter if the clubs have been around for a long time like Arsenal and Ajax or are newer and still growing, each one has fans who care about them a lot and their own unique history.

The clubs come from all over – places in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and elsewhere. While they may be from different countries with different cultures, they all share a love for the game of soccer.

For the people who support the clubs mentioned here and lots of others too, these A teams are an important part of their community, something that makes them proud, and provide great experiences watching games in stadiums every match day.

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