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Best Injury Lawyers in The UK and How to Contact Them

Getting hurt is always an unpleasant experience, but it becomes even more stressful when you have to deal with the legal aspects of claiming compensation. With so many solicitors and law firms to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to trust with such an important decision. In this article, I will discuss 10 of the top injury law firms in the UK and provide useful information on how you can reach out to them.

What Types of Injuries Do Lawyers Handle?

Injury lawyers specialize in representing clients who have suffered harm due to an accident, medical negligence or other incident that was not their fault. Some common injury claims they deal with include:

Workplace Accidents

If you sustained an injury while working, whether in an office, factory, or construction site, an experienced employment lawyer can help claim compensation from your employer through employer’s liability insurance. They may pursue a personal injury claim if safety procedures or equipment are inadequate.

Road Traffic Accidents

Car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents are one of the most frequent types of personal injury claims. Solicitors can negotiate with the insurer of the at-fault driver to receive a payout for injuries, loss of earnings and vehicle repair/replacement costs.

Medical Negligence

Also called clinical negligence, these claims involve proving that harm was caused by the fault or error of a healthcare professional like a doctor, nurse or dentist. Compensation may cover ongoing medical costs, care and loss of earnings.

Criminal Injuries

Victims of violent crimes like assaults, domestic abuse or sexual offences may be eligible for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme that lawyers can assist with.

Accidents in Public Spaces

Slips, trips or falls on unsafe premises such as in retail stores, public buildings, sports fields or streets are common injury claims if the location owner failed in their duty of care.

Holiday and Travel Accidents

Injuries sustained abroad or during trips and vacations can be pursued against tour operators or local entities at fault through international personal injury lawyers.

Thus, whether due to work, road use, medical treatment, crime or mishaps in various settings, experienced solicitors are equipped to handle the full spectrum of injury cases on claimants’ behalf.

10 Top UK Firms to Contact After an Injury

Now that we understand the types of accidents that give rise to legal claims, let us look at the details of 10 top-rated law firms known for their expertise and success rates:

1. Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

    • Founded in 1931, Irwin Mitchell is one of the largest personal injury and clinical negligence specialist law firms in the UK.

    • They have over 80 offices nationwide and a team of specialist solicitors for all injury claims.

    • Irwin Mitchell prides itself on a track record of winning large compensation settlements for victims.

    • Contact: 0370 1500 100,

2. Slater and Gordon Lawyers

    • An international leader in claimant personal injury and medical negligence legal services.

    • Offices across England with a centralized call center to handle initial queries.

    • Recognized for professional expertise and as a Top 50 UK Employer for Women.

    • Contact: 0808 175 8000,

3. Thompsons Solicitors

    • Over 130 years of heritage in representing injured workers, with specialist teams.

    • Member of UNITE the Union and known for group actions against corporate wrongdoers.

    • Operations in 50+ locations nationally to provide personalized local assistance.

    • Contact: 0800 0 224 224,

4. Leigh Day

    • Human rights and public law specialists renowned for tackling institutional failings.

    • Experience bringing class actions, public inquiries and other complex legal campaigns.

    • Offices across UK and an international focus on abuse, discrimination and environmental claims.

    • Contact: 020 7650 1200,

5. Bolt Burdon Kemp

    • Personal injury specialists in London, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle upon Tyne.

    • Expert lawyers for all kinds of injury and disease claims including brain, spinal and military.

    • Won settlements and damages in landmark legal cases over the years.

    • Contact: 020 7288 4800,

6. Hodge Jones & Allen

    • Personal injury compensation lawyers with expertise in travel, criminal injuries, and claims involving children or vulnerable adults.

    • The Care Quality Commission regulates medical claims and is authorized by the SRA.

    • Regional offices in London, Essex, Kent, and Surrey and nationwide panel solicitors.

    • Contact: 0808 231 6369,

7. Stewarts Law

    • Handle all kinds of personal injury cases including workplace accidents, road traffic incidents and industrial diseases.

    • Specialist teams for medical negligence and claims involving abuse or human rights issues.

    • Multiple locations across London, Manchester, Birmingham and nationwide representatives.

    • Contact: 020 7822 8000,

8. Fieldfisher

    • A full-service commercial law firm with significant depth in insurance, employment and litigation departments.

    • Personal injury solicitors based in London and other major UK cities.

    • Staff includes law society-accredited specialists, and members of professional bodies.

    • Contact: 020 7861 4000,

9. Royds Withy King

    • Personal injury and medical negligence specialists for 30+ years with expertise in complex claims.

    • Professional indemnity team recovers compensation for victims of negligent legal advice.

    • Lawyers located across various regions for localized support nationwide.

    • Contact: 0800 923 2080,

10. Simpson Millar

    • Highly experienced personal injury and clinical negligence solicitors.

    • Regional offices and home visit service for assessing clients unable to travel.

    • History of multi-million pound settlements obtained through diligent legal work.

    • Contact: 0808 129 3320,

How to Pick the Right Law Firm for Your Claim

Now you have an overview of some top injury solicitors practising in the UK, here are key factors to consider when selecting one:

Specialism in Your Claim Type

Check the lawyer or firm has specialist expertise in the specific accident situation e.g. clinical negligence, workplace injuries etc. This ensures relevant experience.

Positive Client Testimonials

Browsing online reviews is a good way to gauge service quality standards from a claimant’s viewpoint. Look for common praise of capabilities.

Locations and Accessibility

Ease of local access for face-to-face meetings is preferable if your injury impairs travel abilities. Enquire about home visits if required.

Track Record of Results

Past compensation amounts obtained, success rates in court and case samples can indicate potential for your own claim’s outcome.

Personality Match

It is important to feel heard and understood by your chosen lawyer. A free consultation lets you assess rapport.

Costs and Funding Arrangements

Understand upfront fees if any, and that most personal injury claims are handled through a “no win, no fee” agreement.

Taking time to properly vet injury law practices based on these factors helps ensure you hire competent representation committed to your case’s best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do personal injury claims usually take?

There is no set timeframe as each case has unique complexities. However, most straightforward injury claims take 6-12 months but complex clinical negligence or group claims may take 2-5 years to settle depending on the legal process involved.

How do solicitors get paid for personal injury work?

Most UK personal injury solicitors work on a “no win, no fee” or conditional fee agreement where they only get paid a percentage of the compensation amount awarded if your claim is successful. This means you have no initial legal costs to worry.

What is an independent medical report?

An independent medical report is an assessment by a medical expert who has had no prior involvement in your injury care or case. Personal injury solicitors may arrange this to prove the link between your claim incident and ongoing medical issues through an objective third-party opinion. It supports negotiations with insurers or lawsuits.

How long do I have to make a personal injury claim?

For most injury claims, you only have 3 years from the date of your accident to start legal proceedings otherwise it can become time-barred. So it’s best not to delay in speaking to a solicitor as soon as possible after being hurt. However, there are exceptions like claims concerning industrial disease which may have a longer limitation period.

What sort of compensation can I claim?

Compensation in personal injury claims typically covers things like:

    • Pain and suffering caused by physical and psychological injuries

    • Loss of earnings and future earning capacity due to long-term effects

    • Medical costs for treatments already received and anticipated future treatment

    • Care and assistance needs for everyday tasks due to permanent disabilities

    • Loss or damage of property involved in the accident

Can I claim compensation for an old injury?

While there is usually a 3 year time limit to pursue a claim as mentioned above, it may still be possible to receive compensation for an injury that occurred longer ago. A solicitor would need to examine the specific circumstances and statute of limitations to advise if the case remains valid. It’s worth an initial consultation to explore the options.


Do not hesitate to contact any of the 10 specialists listed should you need talented representation dedicated to obtaining fair recompense and long-term justice. Their decades of experience prove invaluable in navigating complex negotiations or litigation. Free initial consultations allow you to assess chemistry and expected standards of care.

Remember, claiming your rightful damages through skilled legal assistance ensures proper healing support now and ahead. It also prevents similar harm befalling others if safety lapses contributed to injuries. Overall, I wish readers facing this difficult situation the very best outcome and sincere condolences if an accident was fatal or life-changing. Justice and closure through the courts are the first steps towards rebuilding lives affected.

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