Top 5 Best Cybersecurity Universities In Dallas & Denton

Best Cybersecurity Universities in Dallas & Denton- After publishing the 10 best Cyber Security schools in California in our previous article, we decided to research more but this time around we researched about best schools to study Cybersecurity in two subs states in Taxes i.e Dallas and Denton.

Cybersecurity can be defined as the practice of protecting computers, servers, networks, and data from malicious attacks or unauthorized usage. Cybersecurity fields give you lot’s of job opportunities as you can work in all companies and businesses, making it one of the best courses in the world.

As a new or old resident of Dallas and Denton, you might be searching for the best schools to study Cybersecurity, desiring to turn your passion into a comfortable and enjoyable career. Below are the 5 Best Cyber Security schools in Dallas and Denton as complied by scholarspoll.

5 Best Cybersecurity Universities In Dallas & Denton

1. The University of Texas at Dallas:

First on our list of the best Cybersecurity Universities in Dallas is no doubt the University of Texas located in Dallas.

The University of Texas at Dallas is a large public institution established in 1961. It was formerly a private research arm of Texas instruments. This school is one of the best schools in Dallas to study cyber security as they offer one-degree program known as

*M.S in Cyber Security, Technology & Policy.

This program is made for students who will analyze and implement Cyber Security and technologies issues respectively.
One of the benefits is that students will have cyber security knowledge which is required to handle big problems using new methods for old technology.

Students who graduated in this field will be prepared to occupy many analytical and managerial positions in both the private and public sectors in a wide array of settings.

University of Texas at Dallas:

School WebsiteGo to website…
Type of UniversityPublic
Campus address800 W. Campbell Road Richardson, Texas 75080-3021.
Tuition fee:
In-state: $13,992
Out-Of- state: $38,970
Contact Info:+44 1904 624624

Below are the Objectives of studying cyber security at the university of Texas at Dallas.

Students will be able to understand and analyze the risks associated with cyber attacks, the advantages and disadvantages of some security options, and also know security gaps.

2. The University of Dallas.

The University of Dallas is regarded as one of the best universities in Irving the northwest of Dallas. The institution is among 5 Best Cybersecurity Universities In Dallas & Denton.

The school was founded in the year 1956, and accredited by SACAC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

The university offers one-degree program in Cybersecurity known as

  • M.S. in Cybersecurity Program: (M.S means Master Science)

This program aims to provide students with a real-world cybersecurity education by learned professionals. You will learn some topics faced by the world in recent days which include;

✓ Digital Forensics.
✓ Penetration testing
✓ Strategic and operational cybersecurity management
✓ legal and compliance and
✓ data protection.

The University of Dallas:

School WebsiteVisit website
Type of UniversityPrivate
Campus address1845 East Northgate Drive Irving, Texas 75062-4736
Annual Tuition fee:In-State:
Out-Of- state:
Contact Info:+972-721-5000

3. Southern Methodist University:

SMU (Southern Methodist University) which offers one-degree program in Cybersecurity was established by the Methodist Episcopal Church on April 17th, 1911. SMU is located in Dallas, it has a satellite campus situated in Taos County.

This University is your best choice if you want to study Cybersecurity as their Master Science in Cybersecurity will help understand the need for the development and design of secure applications and systems.

Southern Methodist University:

Visit website
Type of
Annual Tuition
Contact info+214-768-2000

This degree program covers some areas like physical security, cryptography, protocols & access control, and computer network security.

Their curriculum also solves problems regarding management issues, budgeting and logistics, and integration. Both full-time and part-time students in Cyber Security can also gain the above-listed benefits.

4. Dallas Baptist University:

Dallas Baptist University was established in 1898 as Decatur Baptist College. It is known as a Christian Liberal arts university located in Dallas, Texas. They also have campuses in Plano and Hurst.

This institution offers the B.S in Cybersecurity program for those whose desire is to study Cybersecurity.

This program is built to provide students with skills and knowledge of computer security. This includes its tools, security, and best practices.

Dallas Baptist University:

School WebsiteVisit Website
Type of UniversityPrivate
Campus address3000 Mountain Creek Parkway Dallas TX 75211
Annual Tuition fee:$31,940
Contact Info:+214-333-7100

It also brightens students in their preferred areas of Cybersecurity jobs which are;

  • Digital Forensics
  • Network security
  • Cyber analytics etc.

Below are some of the goals of the Cybersecurity program at Dallas Baptist University.

The program will help you;

  • Administer cyber defense principles and security to make sure information technology assets are protected.
  • Put in practice theories and processes that are related to Cybersecurity and also information security.

*make deep decisions and have respect in your profession.

  • Spot and solve the problem in your organization that has to do with value creation, security, information assurance, and defense.

You will need a minimum of 32 credit hours in computer science and 24 credit hours in Cybersecurity if you wish to major in Cybersecurity.

Note: All Cybersecurity majors are required to take MATH 1405, 2301, 3302, and PHYS 1401, 1402.

5. The University of North Texas.

The University of North Texas (UNT) was established in 1890 as a private teachers’ college. UNT is located in Denton, Texas, and also a public institution.

The state adopted the university 11 years after it was formed and is regarded as the leading university in the North Texas region with 37 doctoral degrees, 94 masters and 113 bachelor.

UNT offers a Master of Science in Cybersecurity in the department of engineering and computer science.

The University of North Texas

School WebsiteVisit Website
Type of UniversityPublic
Campus address1155 Union Circle #311277 Denton, Texas
Annual Tuition fee:In-State: $11,090.
Out-of-state: $20,906.
Contact Info:+940-565-2000

This degree program is built to give a top-notch, career-enriching experience that would respond to employer’s demands and organizational trends.
It will also build students in the aspect of critical thinking and other cybersecurity problems.

According to research, Currently, there are an estimated 500,000 cybersecurity jobs unfilled in our country which include;

✓ Administrator

✓ Architect

✓ Management

✓ Scientist

✓ Technical personnel etc.

You will be opportune to work in so many fields as a graduate student of the University of North Texas Cybersecurity program and also have access to CICS (Center for Information and Cyber Security.

Above Schools are the 5 Best Cybersecurity Universities In Dallas & Denton, don’t forget to comment another school you want us to add to the best Cybersecurity universities.

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