Obtain Master Degree in Quality Management Online From These Top 7 Universities

Are you looking to bag a Master Degree in Quality Management Online from the comfort of your home? – then take advantage of several top universities in UK offering distance learning (online courses) on various areas of quality management.

Quality Management is very broad and enrolling for online course is the best and you can complete and bag your degree at the comfort of your home but you need to be dedicated and attend all classes online.

Studying Quality Management e-learning will help you you to improve your quality management skills and also know about the Six Sigma and Kaizen.  You will also have the opportunity to take courses in business, engineering, and information technology.

If you are interested in learning or obtaining a degree on Quality Management, then take a look at these Quality Management programme  degree options that may be right for you.
We will focus on postgraduate degree (master’s degree on Quality Management.

Best Universities To Obtain Master Degree in quality management Online

Quality management is a critical field that can take you to high-ranking positions in the corporate world. Therefore, it makes sense to acquire specialized knowledge and training online. There are plenty of quality online programs that offer an excellent blend of theory and practice, as well as industry-specific concentration areas such as production, process, safety etcetera.

It’s important to choose one that matches your interests and career goals – after all, there’s no point in getting stuck in a program we don’t enjoy! Selecting the right university is crucial for obtaining a Master’s degree in quality management online. Not only will this guarantee comprehensive learning but also provide you with access to leading experts from around the world who share your same passion for quality management.

A Master’s degree in quality systems & improvement management can open many doors for you, both professionally and financially. The coursework is intensive and challenging, but the benefits are worth it – a high salary and excellent job prospects are just some of the perks. Plus, online courses are available at many of the world’s top universities, so there is no need to leave your home country. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to obtaining a Master’s degree in quality systems & improvement management by choosing one of the top 7 universities in the UK.

1.  University of Portsmouth:

School:University of Portsmouth
Course Duration: 2 years, 3 months
Tuition fee:£4,050 a year (subject to annual increase)
Degree type:MSc;

University of Portsmouth offers a Master’s degree program on Strategic Quality Management and the course can be accessed and attended online.

If you are a graduate looking to build a career in business strategy and quality management or an experienced professional wanting to further develop your knowledge and understanding of the field then University of Portsmouth’s this MSc Strategic Quality Management Course is the perfect choice for you.

The Program is a part-time and, distance learning course that introduces students to the current theory and best practice around operational, functional and strategic quality management. Students will learn how to contribute to an organisation’s strategic vision for success, as well as how to implement policies to improve customer relations and business effectiveness.

After completing the course, you will have finely-honed quality, organisational and people management skills, and you will be ready for roles in quality management, training and development, and other related fields.

A list of what you will experience On this course;

  • Learn how to effectively implement policies to customer focus and continuous improvement
  • Network via staff with research and consultancy experience, and industry links
  • Resources for the course are available via the university’s intranet online learning system – you’ll need a fast, reliable Internet connection.
  • You will be able to join in web-based interactive sessions with lecturers and other students and our University Library has extensive online resources that can be accessed via the internet at any time.

Entry Requirements:

  • A second-class honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject. Working professionals without an honours degree who have substantial relevant experience and the academic potential to achieve the award will also be considered.
  • English language requirements
    English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.5 with no component score below 6.0.
  • If you don’t meet the English language requirements yet, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a pre-sessional English programme before you start your course.

What can you do with a Strategic Quality Management (Distance Learning) degree?

According to University of Portsmouth, previous graduates have gone on to work in:

  • Quality Management Roles
  • Operations Management
  • Training And Development
  • Auditing and business process improvement

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2. Robert Gordon University:

School:Robert Gordon University
Course Duration: 12 months
Tuition fee:£12,000 a year
Degree type:MSc;
Msc in Quality Management

Robert Gordon University offers a Master’s degree program on Quality Management and the course can be accessed and attended online.

The Quality Management course from Robert Gordon University will provide students with the comprehensive underpinning on the areas required to manage quality in contemporary organisations, including Total Quality Management (TQM), Strategic Quality Management, Quality, Environmental and Sustainability Systems and Performance Management.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:

  • Project Leadership,
  • Teams and Behaviours Personal,
  • Professional and Academic Skills
  • Quality Management and Excellence Models
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Performance Planning and Decision Making
  • Quality, Environmental and Sustainable Management Systems
    Strategic Risk Management

Top 10 Online Master’s Degree in Quality Management

3. University of West Scotland:

School:University of West Scotland
Course Duration: 1 Year
Tuition fee:Scottish students – £7,000

Others – £14,500 a year
Degree type:MSc;
Msc in Quality Management

University of West Scotland offers a Master’s degree program on Quality Management and the course can be accessed and attended online.

Quality Management degree offered at the University of the West of Scotland addresses strategic quality and leadership issues focused on achieving customer satisfaction.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:

  • Risk Management
  • Managing Quality
  • Operations and Project Management
  • Postgraduate Research Methods


  • IELTS – 6
  • TOEFL®
  • IBT – 78

4. University of Greenwich:

School:University of Greenwich
Course Duration: 1 Year
Tuition fee:£14,500 a year
Degree type:MSc;
Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning

University of Greenwich offers distancing learning Master’s degree program on Quality Management and this course can be accessed and attended online.

The Master’s in Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning offered by the University of Greenwich provides the knowledge and skills to advance your career.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:

  • Food Safety (e-learning) 
  • Food Law and Enforcement (e-learning) 
  • Learning and Research Skills (e-learning)
  • Food Safety and Quality Management (e-learning) 
  • Food Quality Assurance (e-learning) 
  • Food Safety and World Trade (e-learning)


  • IELTS – 6
  • 180 alternative credits
  • GPA- Lower Second Class
  • A Bachelor’s degree at 2.2 or above.
    OR an equivalent professional qualification in an appropriate science subject.

    OR a relevant professional qualification and experience in the field of food safety and technology.
    Students educated in a language other than English should have an IELTS score of 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each skill) or equivalent.

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5. London School of International Business:

School:London School of International Business
Course Duration: 6 Months
Tuition fee:£1,250/full
Tuition fee
Degree type:Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management

Well it comes to distance learning, London School of International Business is at forefront and the institution has rich experience in the field of management education. The college was established in the year 2004 with focus on providing Top quality Management education.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:

  • Mandatory Units
  • Strategic Quality and Systems Management
  • Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers
  • Marketing Communications
  • Managing Change in International Organisations
  • Risk Management for Financial Managers

General requirements:
The Learners must possess:

  • Level 6 Award/Diploma or a bachelors degree or any other equivalent qualification
  • Or 5 years or more of work experience in case you do not hold any formal qualification
  • Or Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course.

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6. University of Dundee:

School:University of Dundee
Course Duration: 42 months max
Tuition fee:Scotland students – £8,765

International students – £20,900
Degree type:MSc
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

University of Dundee offers distancing learning Master’s degree program on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and this course can be accessed and attended online.

The master’s degree program is suitable for nurses and anyone working within a healthcare environment, you will develop your knowledge and expertise in quality improvement and patient safety.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:

  • Quality Improvement in Action
  • Risk and Patient Safety
  • Research for Practice
  • Dissertation

7. Heriot-Watt University:

School:Heriot-Watt University
Course Duration:
Tuition fee:£1,440 Per course.

£1,850 – Dissertation/Project
Degree type:MSc Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering.

Heriot-Watt University are pioneer of online learning to professionals for over 20 years, and they offer wide range of specialist programmes.

Heriot-Watt University offers distancing learning Master’s degree program on Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering. and this course can be accessed and attended online.

The Courses/Programmes they offer includes:


  • Sustainability for Construction Professionals
  • Data Analysis and Simulation
  • Human Factors Methods
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Management
  • Systems Reliability


  • Fire, Explosions and Process Safety
  • Learning from Disasters
  • Safety, Risk and Reliability


  • Research Dissertation (Civil Engineering)


Applicants to the MSc programme will normally:

  • have a good undergraduate degree (minimum 2:2 honours or equivalent) in engineering or a relevant science discipline, or
  • demonstrate equivalent academic ability based on industrial experience or membership of a professional institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which types of Master’s degrees are available in quality management?

There are a variety of quality management Master’s degrees that are available online. These programs can be obtained at universities such as Heriot-Watt University, University of Galway, American University, University of Dundee etc.
In addition to learning about quality management concepts, these programs will also teach you how to design, implement, and manage systems that improve the quality of products or services.

Is it worth considering a Master’s degree in quality management if I want to pursue a career in this field?

As a quality manager, having a Master’s degree can give you a head start in the field and help you develop a strong foundation in the field. Some of the advantages of pursuing a Master’s degree in quality management are as follows:

1. You will be able to learn about new methods and techniques in quality management.

2. A Master’s degree will give you an advantage when looking for quality management positions as most employers value experience and skills over undergraduate degrees.

3. Additionally, many reputable online Master’s degree programs offer quality online courses that provide real-world learning experiences.

How much does a Master’s degree in quality management cost?

A Master’s degree in quality management typically costs around £10,000 and above. However, this price varies based on the school you choose and the program that you enroll in. So, it’s important to do your research in order to find the best program and tuition rates for you.

What are the benefits of studying quality management online?

Quality management online offers a world-class education that will help shape your career path. Many quality management online masters degree programs offer excellent program quality, flexibility, and location independence.

When you study quality management online, you can access worldwide resources from the comfort of your own home. This makes quality management online a great choice for students who want to stay flexible with their learning schedule.

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