Top 9 Best Dentistry Schools in Australia

Best Dentistry Schools in Australia: After publishing about the best Dental schools in Florida, Schollarspoll decided to research more on other best dental schools in other countries. If are you a resident of Australia and you want to be a dental assistant or have a career in dentistry, then this article is for you as we have carefully compiled lists of the best dentistry schools in Australia and the basic things you need to know about studying dentistry in Australia.

What is Dentistry?

Dentistry can be said to be the act or practice of providing dental services to people (i.e patients). This dental service includes;

✓ Oral disease treatment
✓ Orthodontics
✓ dental surgery reconstruction
✓ restoration of teeth etc.

Best Dentistry Schools in Australia
A Dentist treating and taking care of her patient.

The most effective method to Become A Dentist In Australia.

Australia gives excellent dental qualifications and training as they are regarded as one of the best dental education systems in the world with big and different best dentistry schools in Australia.

The most effective way to become a dentist in Australia might be different on individual qualifications and experiences, but some tips will help you know the best method to become a dentist in Australia.

✓ first and foremost, find a reputable and accredited university to start up your dental degree career as it is the starting point of becoming a qualified dentist or dental practitioner.

✓ secondly, completing a university degree in dentistry in an accredited school is the commonest way to secure a career in dentistry as it will provide you with the needed skills and foundation for a dental practice.
You could also get a good job offer like joining a Dentistry team or working in a private or public sector after completing a university degree in dentistry.

✓ Lastly, you need to register with the Dental Board of Australia. The D.B.A  is an independent body that regulates dental practitioners in Australia and as well reviews their practices and qualifications. Also, you need to pass an  Oral Health examination, pay a registration fee, and complete an accredited dental program to get registered with the Dental Board of Australia.

Re-enlistment Is Expected Every Year To Remain a Practicing Dental Specialist in Australia.

Registering with your State Health Department every year is very crucial as it will maintain your professional license and also regulates that your practices and skills are in line with updated practice.

Note: Each state in Australia has its own dental regulatory body and you must register with them to keep your license even after registering with the Dental Board of Australia.

Start Your Dental Practice:

You are choosing to start your dental practice even without having a degree in dentistry or registering with the D.B.A. but will require dedication and hard work to accomplish this.

Pursuing a specialty degree is required if you want to focus on particular areas of dentistry, although it needs more money and time but can offer you great job opportunities in the dental industry.

Best dentistry schools in Australia:

Australia is the best place to study dentistry and dental-related courses. Our research schools below are regarded as the best dentistry schools in Australia.

1. University of Adelaide School of Dentistry:

Visit Website
Address: Level 10, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building Corner of North Terrace and, George St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 8 8313 5208.

University of Adelaide’s School of dentistry is one of the best dentistry schools in Australia as its reputation for excellent teaching and contribution to society is top-notch. They have been doing this for over 100 years now.

University of Adelaide’s School of Dentistry offers the following degrees for those who wish to have a career in dentistry.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
✓ Bachelor of Oral Health
✓ Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

The school has experienced staff that would create a positive and beneficial study experience and learning environment. Their variety of flexible and innovative learning methods is available for those who choose to study Oral Health or Dentistry degree. They will also help you become a highly skilled and experienced dentist.

Studying in the best dentistry schools in Australia would allow you to work in a community or local clinic, providing dental care for patients in the evolving world.

You can also become a researcher who makes discoveries on how to improve Oral Health care or be a defense force dentist.

Note: On-campus attendance and blended mode are needed for those programs listed above.

2. James Cook University:

Visit Website
Address: 1 James Cook Dr, Douglas QLD 4811, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 7 4781 5255.

Looking for the best dentistry schools in Australia? Then James Cook University is there for you as they are regarded as the second oldest university in Queensland, Australia.

The research and teaching institution was established in 1961 with a total of 15,197 enrollment as of 2010. The School’s undergraduate tuition is 20,000 AUD around 2012-2012.

James Cook University offers;

✓ Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree program:

This program is for those who want to become highly skilled dentists as they will gain an intensive education in healthcare and oral health.

This course takes 5 years to complete as you will be trained by supportive and experienced professionals who will help you stand out in a competitive field.

Click here for more information about this degree program.

3. The Melbourne Dental School:

Visit Website:
Address: 720 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 136352.

The Melbourne Dental school is another best dentistry schools in Australia as they offer a Bachelor of Oral Health for students who want to study dentistry. You would learn the necessary skills required to practice oral health therapy.

The institution has a high-tech clinical setting which gives students the opportunities to learn from experience and active practitioners and expertise in that degree.

Studying the oral health degree program offers two key positions which include;

Dental Hygienist:
Hygienists take care of dental-related problems for all age groups and also record and examine the nature and clean scale of our teeth.

Dental Therapist:
Therapist gives dental care to adolescent and children, some of their major duties are;

* Examine oral and dental conditions
* Remove Calculus
* Restore and conserve permanent and deciduous teeth and
* Perform extractions of deciduous.
Dental therapists provide dental care for

Note that dental therapists can now render dental care to adults under some circumstances.

Visit the website for more information on this degree.

4. University of Western Australia:

Visit Website:
Address: 35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley WA 6009, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 8 6488 6000.

The university of Western Australia is another best dentistry schools in Australia based on recent rankings. The school is a public institution whose main campus is in Perth. The University of Western Australia was established in 1911 with a total of 19,520 enrollment as of 2008.

According to history, the school has trained dentists for the past 75 years as DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) students are trained for full registration as dentists upon graduation.

The school offers the Oral Health degree program for future dentists at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia. With strict and close supervision by dedicated and highly skilled teachers, students learn by treating patients.

Upon successful graduation, you would be able to register with the DBA as a professional dentist.

Click here to know more about this degree program.

5. The University of Queensland Australia
School Of Dentistry:

Visit Website: 
Address: 288 Herston Rd, Herston QLD 4006, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 7 3365 8019.

The University of Queensland Australia School of Dentistry are known as the best dentistry school in Australia as they offer the following programs;

✓ Bachelor of Dental Science (BDSc).

This degree program is for undergraduates who want to study dentistry in the institution as the program follows a unique educational model to give students the required skills to become a competent dental practitioners.
Additionally, the BDSc program is built to help students with the clinical, understanding, knowledge and research attributes to do well in the dental industry.

✓ Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DclinDent).

This degree program is for postgraduate students and is a three years full-time program that gives awards you with registrable specialist qualifications.

This degree program was built to provide students with the technologies, teaching methods, and most modern types of equipment relating to dentistry.

✓ Higher Degrees by Research (HDR).

Another degree program offered by the university of Queensland Australia School of Dentistry is the HDR program. These programs include the Doctor of Philosophy (phD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).

6. Griffith University:

Visit Website:
Phone Number: +61 7 3735 7111.

Griffith University was established in 1971 as a research university in South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia.
The institution is of the best dentistry schools in Australia as they offer the following degree programs;


This degree program is built to allow students to undertake advanced study as the program is professionally accredited.


Another program offered by the institution is the Bachelor of Dental Hygiene as it is built for students who wish to identify dental diseases or abnormalities of the teeth and mouth.


If you already have a Dental Technology Bachelor’s degree and wish to upgrade it to work directly with patients, then this degree program is for you.



7. Curtin University:

Visit Website:
Address: Kent St, Bentley WA 6102, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 8 9266 9266.

Curtin University is known as the best dentistry school in Australia. The institution was established in December 1986. The school is a public research institution located in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia.

The school offers a Bachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy) for those who want to study dentistry in Australia.

As a holder of this degree, you will handle the following dental duties;

✓  dental examination.
✓ scaling and cleaning
✓ preventative treatments
✓ fillings
✓ dental radiography
✓ management of gum disease and other
✓ orthodontics duties

You would start this course by learning oral health therapy techniques and preventive dentistry. Students are meant to combine practical sessions, theory, and clinical practice in their second and third years of studies.

750 hours of clinical training is essential as you will have the needed skills and experience to start your Oral health Therapy career upon completion of this course.

8. University of Newcastle.

Address: University Dr, Callaghan NSW 2308, Australia
Phone Number: +61 2 4921 5000.
Visit Website:

Another institution with the best dentistry schools in Australia is the University of Newcastle. The school was founded in 1965 as a public university in Newcastle with an enrollment of about 37,677.

The University of Newcastle offers the Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy degree program for who those want to study dentistry. You will have double qualifications in dental therapy and dental hygiene on completion of the program. This program focuses on world-class simulation and disease prevention as it offers you great job opportunities.

Choosing the university of Newcastle as your best dentistry school in Australia might broaden your career.

9. La Trobe University:

Visit Website:
Address: Plenty Road and, Kingsbury Dr, Bundoora VIC 3086, Australia.

La Trobe University was founded on the 9th of December 1964 with its main campus located in the suburb of Bundoora. The public institution has about 36,278 enrollment as of 2014, making them one of the best dentistry schools in Australia.

The school offers the Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons) for those who want a career in dentistry. You would be able to become a professional dentist after five years of this accredited degree.

Students would be able to treat patients under the guidance of dedicated and experienced staff and also work towards education, prevention, and clinical care of oral health.

What Do Dentists Do?

Many people might be asking what exactly dentists do, below are the numerous works of a dentist.

✓ They diagnose and treat diseases of the teeth, oral tissues, and mouth.
✓ they help protect, restore and maintain patients’ oral health.

✓ Dentists also replace damaged teeth caused by injury or diseases.

✓ They check the patient’s head and neck areas as they relate to oral health.

✓ They also lecture patients on how to brush their teeth, floss, and also choose the correct diet.

✓ Dentists can also perform dental surgery etc.

Is Australia good for dentistry?

Of course, Australia is good for dentistry as it has the best dentistry schools. Australia is ideal for you if you want to work with patients or pursue a specialty in dentistry. Although Australia’s dental system is too restrictive but still one of the best places in the world to practice dentistry.

What is the best university for dentistry in Australia?

There is no definite answer to the best university in Australia as they have many best universities for dentistry. You can select from our list of schools and choose the one that matches your career dreams.

What GPA do you need for dental school in Australia?

Dental Schools in Australia vary when it comes to GPA needed ad most schools require you have a 3.5 or higher grade point average to gain admission into their school.
Some schools might require a lower base on the degree they offer.


After reading about our best dentistry schools in Australia, you would be able to select from our best-listed dental schools to ensure mind-blowing career dreams. Use the comment section to inform us about other schools you think were not included and we will do well to research and write on it in our next article.

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