2024 Top 15 Best Football Academies In Spain (Fees & Requirements)

Best football academies in Spain: Does your son feel a passion for football? Does he dream about dedicating his life to sports and becoming a professional player? Or you are looking to pursue a football career in Spain then read this article till the end.

To become a pro football player you will need talent, hard work and the best training available. That’s why future footballers are first coached, trained and developed in a football academy before they become a professional footballer.

What is the best football academy in Spain?

Football Academy is simply a place where aspiring footballers, young talents who has the passion for the sport are trained and thought the basics of the game.  Football Academy been existing over the years and new ones are been established as Football keeps growing and getting more recognition as the number one sport in the world.

Learning from the best football academy in Spain will help you improve and be able to get your game to the next level through the most advanced training and high exposure in youth football tournaments.

The finest football academies in the world are mostly in Spain, and in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona rule supreme. The best academies in Spain are owned by the top clubs line Barcelona FC, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.  However, there are other cheaper and best academies that you can enroll very easily and further your career path as a footballer.

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These academies has the best facilities, healthy training routines and world-class coaches and trainers to help develop and equip young people with football abilities and strategies that will make them relevant in the football industry, much as getting an academic degree at a higher university.

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Best Football Academy In Spain


1. Alicante Football Academy:


Address: Calle Dr. Perez Mateos, 2, 03550 Sant Joan d’Alacant, Alicante, Spain
Contact: +34 656 28 89 90
Fees: €1900 Per month
Website https://alicantefootballacademy.com/


The Alicante Football Academy is a youth football academy located in Alicante in Spain. This academy is a top-class youth academy with world-class facilities and high standard top-quality training pitches, a modern gym and a premium residence.

The aim of this football academy is to deliver intensive coaching sessions which are designed to improve and develop player’s skills. At Alicante Football Academy, youu will have the opportunity to train in the mornings with the other international players and our UEFA Pro licensed coaches.

After joining this academy and you impress the coaches with your hard work or has the level required, you could be lucky to train with Professional Spanish Clubs as a football trial in the evenings and weekends which gives you the best chance to become a Pro player in Spain. If you are good enough and the clubs are interested in you, there will be a possibility to sign a professional contract in Spain.

2. Spain Soccer Academy:


Address: Av. Dinamarca, s/n, 41012 Sevilla, Spain
Contact: +34 696 16 41 96
Fees: €1900 Per month
Website https://spain-socceracademy.com/

Spain Soccer Academy is an elite international Soccer academy located in Sevilla in Spain. This academy is a top-class youth academy that trains international students and Soccer players from the age of 14-23. The academy offers a complete Exchange Program that unites studies and sports for a complete and comprehensive training of the young people of the future.

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3. Kaptiva Sports Academy Barcelona:

Address: Avinguda del Pla del Vinyet, 110, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Contact: +34 931 59 72 67
Fees: €1,000 – €41,000
Website https://kaptivasportsacademy.com/

Kaptiva Sports Academy is an international football academy located in Barcelona, Spain with a fully integrated football program to help young international 12 to 18-year-old players reach their full potential.

The aim of this football academy is to train young players and groom them into becoming world-class players in the future. The academy offers a top inclusive annual program to international football players from all over the world. These programs provided by the academy helps create a one of a kind experiences for players to create football developmental and personal growth during their time with the academy.

4.  International Football Academy Soccer Inter-Action:


Address: Carretera CV590, km 51, CV-590, km 51, 46810, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 962 22 42 43
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://soccerinteraction.com/sia-center

Soccer Inter-Action (SIA) is an international football academy in Spain that train and develop football players through an holistic approach. SIA has been able to create an enabling environment that promotes learning and enhances football performances, ensuring that all players and coaches enrolling in our programs will improve their skills and increase the chances of reaching professional football.

Their vision “Educate through Soccer”, aim to assist aspiring players in their development and to help them becoming well-rounded people. Our programs are tailored to meet all the requirements of an elite environment and we offer a clear pathway to professional soccer through our “SIA Academy for players” program.

5. Alicante City Football Club Academy:


Address: Av. Locutor Vicente Hipólito, 28, 03540 Alicante, Spain
Contact: +34 965 02 01 75
Fees: €2000 per month
Website https://acfcacademy.com/

Alicante City Football Club Academy (ACFC) is an International Football Academy in Spain. The academy aim is to give players the tools necessary to become the best player they can be. The academy is fully equipped with top-class facilities to help players grow, learn and develop the needed skills and experience to become a professional player.

ACFC Academy has quality Training pitch, gym, spa, accommodation with swimming pool, and many more.

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6.  MV8 Madrid Football Academy:


Address: Calle de Fco. Largo Caballero, 6, 28100 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
Contact: [email protected]
Fees: €2000 per month
Website https://mv8academy.com/

MV8 Madrid Football Academy is a top football academy in Spain that was established in 2015. MV8 Madrid Football Academy attracts youth players world

Established in 2015, MV8 Madrid Football Academy is a professional football academy that attracts youth players worldwide and allows them to train and compete at the highest level in Spain.

The academy core objective is to support and guide every players and set them on the path of achieving their goals. At MV8 Madrid Football Academy, all players will be able to experience both football training and study. Good education is crucial for our players and we will be constantly looking for the opportunities that suit them best. The offer several programs, example is their full year football academy program which is designed to give young talents from the age of 15 to 25 the opportunity to train and play in a professional way.

7.  FC Malaga City Academy:


Address: C. Puerto de la Cruz, Numero 3, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain
Fees: €2,500 (a month), €12,500(half  season – 5 months)

€19,850(full season – 10 months
Website https://www.fcmalagacity.com/home

FC Malaga City Academy is an  International Football Academy in Spain that was established in 2013 and since then has been known for training and producing future soccer players.

FC Malaga City Malaga is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading private residential football academies, competing on a regular bases with some of Europe’s biggest clubs and enabling talented footballers to experience the life of a full-time professional footballer here in Spain.

​Malaga City Academy offers several programs which includes  training 5/6 days per week, an unrivalled fixture programme, the ability to work with professional standard coaching staff and tailor made development plans to give you the best opportunity to be successful.

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Address: Carrer de la Democràcia, 58, Bajo Derecha, 46018 Valencia, Spain
Contact: Reach out on TikTok
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://www.spanishprofootball.com/

SPAIN RUSH-SPF is an International High-Performance Soccer Academy, focusing on elite player’s development, located in Valencia, Spain. The academy offers programs that are designed for the young football players, who wished to become pro stars in the future. Spain RUSH-SPF programs creates individual routines depending on the player’s needs, as an athlete and as a person.

RUSH-SPF program offers daily specialized practice sessions with the SPF Academy, which are held in our own high-quality facilities. Those practices consist of gym sessions, to work on strength and conditions, afternoon sessions with the Spanish Clubs and weekly friendly matches, to see improvements.

9.  Getafe International Madrid Football Academy:


Address: C/ PONIENTE, 20 URBANIZACION, MONTE ALINA, 28223 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 917 99 34 41
Fees: Fees: €17,000 for 5 months | €32,000 for 10 months (full semester).
Website https://www.getafeinternational.com/

Getafe International Madrid Football Academy is the official academy of the Spanish first division club Getafe CF team. Getafe International Madrid Football Academy offers a High Performance Soccer Program which is designed to give young players the possibility to train in a professional setting, opening doors to the soccer world while continuing their high school diploma in an American School in Madrid.

At Getafe International Madrid Football Academy, players will be assessed at the beginning of the program to know their starting level and we will make a personal plan to help improve their progress.  For this, the academy will count on the help of specialists who have already had experience of this type at a professional level.

During the course, players will receive continuous reports on their evolution and improvement, so that they are aware of their progress at all times of the process.

10. B1 Soccer Academy:


Address: C. de Pujades, 74-80, Baixos 7, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
Contact: +34 635 07 92 19
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://www.b1socceracademy.com/en/

B1 Soccer Academy is an elite Sports Academy located in Barcelona, Spain. B1 Soccer Academy goal is to develop the entire potential of young male and female, national and international, soccer players in an unbeatable atmosphere that helps them discover and achieve their maximum level.

At B1 Soccer Academy, every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. Through effort and sacrifice, everything is possible, and B1 Soccer Academy is your best option. B1 Soccer Academy programs are designed for players of the ages between 10 and 23 years, and this Academy has developed specific training programs in the city of Barcelona, capital of a unique soccer game style.

11. ESA Soccer Academy:


Address: Via de corneli atic, 07400 Alcudia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Contact: +44 7887 886001
Fees: Not Revealed

ESA Soccer Academy is an independent youth football school in Spain that provides football coaching to children of mixed nationalities and abilities aged 4-18yrs. The academy is located in Mallorca and operates all year round from their home stadium in the heart of Port d’Alcudia.

12. RMA Mallorca Football Academy:


Address: Avenida pere Vaquer ramis, 07181 Magaluf, Spain
Contact: +34 691 17 32 65
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://rmamallorca.com/

The Russell Martin Academy Mallorca, (RMA Mallorca) is a football academy for boys and girls of all abilities based in Calvia Beach, Magaluf.

RMA Mallorca is considered as #1 football academy for youngsters and they provides a wide range of football coaching and camps on the South West coast of Mallorca. They have Development Centers that cater for beginners and those looking for a more social approach to the game, right through to Professional Development Centres and One 2 One Coaching for those players that require more structured and challenging sessions.

Through their high-quality football coaching staff and regular contact with our positive, professional role models, the academy aim to offer all players the opportunity of personal progression rather than results driven.


13. Intersoccer Academy:


Address: Av. del Florán, 33960 San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Asturias, Spain
Contact: +34 916 20 27 84
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://www.intersoccermadrid.com/

A.C. Intersoccer is a football school in Spain that provides top-class coaching training to young players.  A.C. Intersoccer is arguably one of the best private soccer academies in Spain and the success stories of their students demonstrate this. A.C. Intersoccer is an academy and a football club, but it also organizes sporting events and is also specialized in sports consulting.

The soccer scenario offered by Intersoccer academy allows students to obtain the best opportunities for training and growth, with a multitude of categories where they can fit depending on the age and level of each player. Categories ranging from Juvenil Nacional, Preferente Aficionado, 3rd Division, and 2nd B among others. This allows the advantageous student the possibility of having the necessary tools to generate a development path towards a professional objective.


14. Marbella Football Academy:


Address: Situated in the heart of Costa del Sol, Marbella.
Contact: +34 609 53 75 50
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://marbellafootballacademy.com/

Marbella International Football Academy is a youth football academy in Spain which offers several football coaching programs for players from the age of 16 to 24.  The academy offers a full-time football program with the aim of producing professional footballers. They give players the help, support and platform to showcase and develop their skills on a daily basis. They also provide high quality training, meal plans, recovery sessions and much more.  The academy was founded in 2020 to help young athletes combine their football with their education.

Marbella academy has direct link to Europa Point Football Club. Europa Point and the academy will give the players chance to experience professional football with and against international footballers.

15. Spain Football Academy-SFA:


Address: C. Manuel Pombo Angulo, 12, 3-1, 28050 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 603 16 59 54
Fees: Not Revealed
Website https://www.spain-football.com/es/

Spain Football Academy – SFA offers the possibility for young players to obtain useful skills and become a professional football player with a great future. SFA collaborates with other football academies in Spain to give the best quality to students.

The main Goal of SFA children’s football academy is the physical and technical development of the future football player, that means that if your child has talent, they will surely notice it and they will offer him to sign a professional contract. In addition in our academy, we are going to be able to give the opportunity to shine at the highest level when he is young, we will be able to increase motivation, self-confidence and team spirit. We offer to the players of our academy the possibility of being registered in the Spanish National League and the Spanish Organization for Youth Development. The SFA Football academy helps talented children to start their career and have a chance to play in Spanish clubs.

Why you should join a football academy in London:

Football Academy bring out the best in you:Most are born naturally with the basics of football but an academy helps bring out the best in you. You may be a natural football talent, but a football academy will teach you how to function as part of a team and develop your gift so that it is presentable.

1. Football Academy creates Opportunities: Football Academies gifts you the opportunity to learn, develop, acquire knowledge of the game and most importantly present you with the opportunity to display your talent to the world. It is in the academy that you got to prove your football ability and show the world what you can offer as a player.

2. Football Academy actualized your dream as a footballer: Football Academy trains you to be a better play, gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent which can land you a breakthrough in your career. 90% Most academy graduates also ends up signing lucrative professional contract with top teams due to their performances observed during their time in the academy.

How do I join the football academy in Spain?

Spain is one of the biggest exporters of the beautiful game of football. Due to the huge and lucrative football league (the La Liga), Spain is the most sought after location to learn, train or play football.

We have enlisted the steps to get into football academy in Uk and these steps are inline when also considering to join a Spanish based football academy.

  • Purchase the academy’s application form, either online or offline, depending on the academy, fill it out completely, and submit it.
  • A letter of recommendation from your most recent football coach or school sports instructor will be added to the
    application form or will be requested separately.
  • Copies of your most recent report card – If they are from a non-English speaking country, international students must take the IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Attend open day tryouts and demonstrate your abilities; if you are selected, an official letter will be given to you.
  • A concise soccer CV will include your name, date of birth, nationality, weight, height, favorite playing position, previous clubs or school teams you have played for, as well as any trophies or tournaments you have participated in.
  • Find out if you need a tier 4 student visa and how to apply for one.
  • Notify your football academy that your visa has been approved, and begin making travel arrangements.
  • Finally, consider joining the academy.


How much does it cost to register in a football academy in Spain:

In this regards, it varies from one academy to another and also the package you registered for also affect the fee. Some academy charges for trials fee while some doesn’t. The best way to find out the cost is to visit each academy website or contact them through mail or phone call to ascertain all the requirements needed.


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