Top 8 Best Football Academies in Italy | Requirements

Youth development is a key pillar of many of the world’s biggest clubs, On this page, we’ve explored some of the best football academies on Italy and also provide you with additional information on how to join an academy in Italy.

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Best football academies in Italy

Best football academies in Italy:

Does your son feel a passion for football? Does he dream about dedicating his life to sports and becoming a professional player? Or you are looking to pursue a football career in Italy then read this article till the end.

To become a professional football player you will need talent, hard work and the best training available. That’s why future footballers are first coached, trained and developed in a football academy before they become a professional footballer.

Below are the Best youth academies in Italy;

1.  AC Milan Youth Academy:

AC Milan Football Club is a soccer club that plays in the Italian Serie A League. AC Milan also Known as the Rossoneri are one of the biggest clubs in Italy.  The club is known for their good academy that produced some of the big names in football.

AC Milan Youth Academy has been responsible for producing some of the club’s greatest ever players, including their top three all-time appearance makers, Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta, as well as several players, in recent years, who have managed to become regular players in Serie A.

The Academy training facilities are based at the Centro Sportivo Vismara (Vismara Sports Centre), a 57-acre (230,000 m2) site in Gratosoglio, Milan, although the Primavera team train at Milanello alongside the first team.

AC Milan academy offers a lot of soccer training programs for young players from the Age of 8 to 18. They offered soccer school services and have academies in different countries. To join AC Milan Soccer School or academy contact them at or visit their website Here:

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2.  AS Roma Youth Academy

AS Roma Football Club is a soccer club that plays in the Italian Serie A League. AC Milan is known for their good academy that produced some of the big names in football. AS Roma has a football school which is the flagship if the club’s academy founded for boys and girls between 6 – 13 years old.

The main objective of AS Roma Football School is to train the next generation of AS Roma players by providing the best development experience which strives to pursue excellence in a professional, competitive, fun atmosphere while providing a clear pathway to the highest levels of the game in a free-to-play program at all levels.

Some of the players that have graduated from AS Roma academy includes the likes of Bruno Conti, Agostino Di Bartolomei and Giuseppe Giannini, Daniele De Rossi, Alessandro Florenzi and club record appearance holder and record goalscorer Francesco Totti.

AS Roma Academy / Football School is located in Italy, Abuja (Nigeria), New York (USA) and Quito (Ecuador)

For any inquiries about AS Roma International Academy program, please email: or visit their official website:


3. Inter Milan Youth Academy:

FC Internazionale is a soccer club that plays in the Italian Serie A League. inter Milan and AC Milan shares a lot in common especially home stadium. Both Milan Clubs plays at the San Siro and despite their closeness, they two club considers each other as bitter rival.

Inter Milan also have a good academy that also produced great players in the past and till date still produced future great players.

The goal of Inter Academy is to places FC Internazionale Milano’s knowledge, innovation and excellence in training at the disposal of anyone wishing to start out, progress or establish themselves in the world of football and sport in general, with the objective of creating a new generation of talent both on and off the field.

Inter Academy is a medium-long term program, based on a technical know-how transfer process. It is designed to create high-level specific training for young players (boys and girls from 3 to 17 years old, with a dedicated Pre-School Program:  inter Milan have Football Schools in different countries dedicated in training the future generation of Soccer.

For any inquiries about Inter Milan Academy program, please email: or call them through Phone: +39 02 77151, Fax: +39 02 781514 and their official website is

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4.  Juventus Youth Academy:

Juventus is a soccer club that plays in the Italian Serie A League. Juventus are considered as the most successful Italian club with the most Serie A title victory in history. Juventus has one of the best academies in the world that has produced great players like Moise Kean, Ciro Immobile, Paolo Rossi, Alessandro Del Piero and many others.

Juventus Youth Sector is divided into 11 squads: under-19, under-17,  under-16,
under-15, under-13, under-12, under-11, under-10, under-9, under-8 and under-7

The goal of Juventus academy is to  bring bring Juventus’ colours, methods and values to as many kids as possible. Juventus Youth Academy is present in over 50 countries and on every continent. The Academy offers both the teaching and development of football skills and educational training, accompanying young players in their growth, from introduction to the game to maturity, and not exclusively within sport. All programs are available, regardless of the level of the participants, and the activities are based on respect for their mental and physical well-being.

How to join Juventus football academy?

To join Juventus Academy, please one of their operator with the phone number
(+39) .or visit their website: Juventus.com

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5.  Lazio Youth Academy:

SS Lazio is one of the top clubs in Italy and the club is known for the excellent academy. Lazio Youth Academy is aimed at developing the technical, tactical and physical-athletic aspects of young players with the aim of bringing them to wear the jersey of the first team of the Capital.

The goal of the academy is to train going players and integrate them into the first team sqaud by firstly grooming the players to know that football can be their profession and then helping them to become better players for the future.

To join Lazio Academy, please send them an email at – Fax: +39 06/ or visit their website:


6.  Napoli Youth Academy:

Napoli Football Club is one of the top clubs in Italy and the club is known for the excellent academy. Napoli Youth Academy is in charge of  managing all the teams registered by SSC Napoli into their youth leagues that is governed by the Italian FIGC for various National and International tournaments.

The aim of the academy is to train and enhance young members so that they can be launched in the world of professional football, creating a pool of talent from which the first team can draw on.

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7.  Atalanta Youth Academy

Atalanta Youth Academy offers Football training programs to young players from Under 15 – Under 18.  Atalanta has great interest in young players and through the academy offers young talents the opportunity to train for an entire season with its instructors, allowing children and families to get to know the method that has made the Club’s Youth Sector one of the most important of Europe.

The club also have a Football School where children learn, supervised and are are trained into becoming professional footballers in the future.

To Join Atalanta Youth Academy, visit their website:


8. Fiorentina Youth Academy

ACF Fiorentina has one of the best youth academy in Italy that train young players into becoming professional players

The club has a football school which is a sports-oriented scientific lyceum based in Florence. Fiorentina School is organised in such a way so as to enable youngsters involved in sports activities to obtain a school-leaving certificate while combining their studies with their sporting commitments and free-time activities.

To apply for or join Fiorentina Football School,  please contact the administrator on Telephone number +39 338 3214924 or send them an email at and as well visit their website for other information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Lists of some of the top frequently asked questions about joining a football academy in Italy.

Which is the best football academy in Italy?

The best football academies in Italy are owned by the topflight clubs in Italy. As outlined in the article, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Napoli and Lazio are the football clubs that has the best academies in Italy.

Apart from the academies owned by top Premier League clubs, there are other easy to get in academies scattered all over Italy that helps young talents learn the art of football and become professional footballers in the future.


How much does football academy cost in Italy?

In this regards, it varies from one academy to another and also the package you registered for also affect the fee. Some academy charges for trials fee while some doesn’t. The best way to find out the cost is to visit each academy website or contact them through mail or phone call to ascertain all the requirements needed.

Why you should join a football academy in Italy?

Football Academy bring out the best in you: Most are born naturally with the basics of football but an academy helps bring out the best in you. You may be a natural football talent, but a football academy will teach you how to function as part of a team and develop your gift so that it is presentable.

Football Academy creates Opportunities: Football Academies gifts you the opportunity to learn, develop, acquire knowledge of the game and most importantly present you with the opportunity to display your talent to the world. It is in the academy that you got to prove your football ability and show the world what you can offer as a player.

Football Academy actualized your dream as a footballer: Football Academy trains you to be a better play, gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent which can land you a breakthrough in your career. 90% Most academy graduates also ends up signing lucrative professional contract with top teams due to their performances observed during their time in the academy.

How To Join A Football Academy in Italy For International Students:

We have enlisted the steps to get into football academy in Italy, although requirements varies from one club to another.

Italy is one of the biggest exporters of the beautiful game of football. Due to the huge and lucrative football league (the Serie A), Italy is the most sought after location to learn, train or play football.

Here are the steps to take to join or apply for any football academy in Italy.

Build a Soccer CV: A concise soccer CV will include your name, date of birth, nationality, weight, height, favorite playing position, previous clubs or school teams you have played for, as well as any trophies or tournaments you have participated in.

Get Necessary Documents: Copies of your most recent report card – If they are from a non-English speaking country, international students must take the IELTS or TOEFL.

Search For An Academy: Purchase or apply for any football academy application form. You can do this either online or offline, depending on the academy, fill it out completely, and submit it.

Get Coach Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from your most recent football coach or school sports instructor will be added to the
application form or will be requested separately.

Visa: If invited or selected for tryouts, Do your research to find out the type of visa you will need to travel and know how to apply for one.
Notify your football academy that your visa has been approved, and begin making travel arrangements.

Attend Tryouts and Impress Scouts and coaches: To play or get selected by big Italian clubs like Juventus, you will need to be recommended by a scout. Attend open day tryouts and demonstrate your abilities; if you are selected, an official letter will be given to you.

If you pass your tryouts, the academy will definitely tell you other information. Please known that the above steps are not the recognized way of applying for an academy but it should serve as a guide on how to go about it.

Can international students play football in Italy?

If you’re considering transfer to Italy where you’ll educate yourself and practice football, you’ve made an amazing decision for your future. Education in this country is excellent and there are numerous programs dedicated to students such as yourself.

In addition to football programs in universities and colleges across the country, you can also find clubs and programs available to international students. For example, the AC Perugia International Project picks international students to train with licensed coaches before they are asked to join the team. Depending on your academic level and current experience, as well as skills, you should consider reaching out to teams directly.

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