Latest Nursing Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship (Apply Now)

If you are an internationally educated nurse looking to relocate to Canada for exciting new career opportunities, you’re in luck. Despite a major nursing shortage, Canada has many nursing jobs sponsoring foreign nurses currently. This article outlines the latest RN job openings offering visa sponsorships, salaries, and how to get hired. First, let’s look at why Canada is a top destination for immigrant nurses. The country is facing a large and growing gap between nurse supply and demand. An aging population requiring more healthcare services is driving shortages across hospitals, long-term care homes, clinics, and other providers. Tens of thousands of vacant nurse positions need to be filled. To help address this, Canadian employers are eager to hire qualified international nurses. They provide visa sponsorships enabling foreign nurses to immigrate and work legally. The nursing profession is well-paid in Canada. Registered nurses earn an average salary of $80,000 to $100,000 annually. But salaries go up from there. Experienced nurses and those in specialized roles or remote regions make over $120,000 per year. Given Canada’s high quality of life and excellent working conditions, sponsored nursing jobs let you earn a terrific living and build a wonderful life in an exciting new country. Now let’s look at the latest RN job openings available with employer visa sponsorships.

Registered Nurse at London Health Sciences Centre

Organization: London Health Sciences Centre, a large hospital network in London, Ontario. Requirements: Licensed RN in good standing. Recent clinical experience in a hospital. Strong English. Ability to obtain a work permit. Duties: Provide direct nursing care to patients. Administer medications. Operate medical equipment. Support doctors. Lead other nurses. Ensure quality care delivery. Salary: $37.93 to $54.37 hourly. Competitive benefits package. How to Apply: Visit their careers page here This is an excellent opportunity to join a premier Canadian hospital system at one of their facilities in the London area. They sponsor international nurse candidates through the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Registered Nurse OR Sponsored at Unity Health Toronto

Organization: Unity Health Toronto, a Catholic hospital network operating multiple healthcare sites in Toronto. Requirements: Licensed RN. Recent experience in surgical, ICU or ER settings. Strong English communication. Canadian work eligibility. Duties: Provide professional nursing care, including assessment, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Collaborate with doctors and other nurses. Operate medical equipment properly. Maintain patient records. Salary: $37.93 to $54.37 hourly. Attractive benefits. How to Apply: Visit their careers page here Unity Health Toronto will fully sponsor you to complete an Operating Room Nursing certificate program. Upon completion, you are guaranteed a full-time permanent RN position on their orthopedic surgery team. Fantastic opportunity!

Registered Nurse at Health PEI

Organization: Health PEI, the government health agency overseeing healthcare delivery across Prince Edward Island province. Requirements: Licensed RN or nursing graduate. Willingness to relocate to PEI. Duties: Provide professional nursing services within PEI facilities and communities. Duties vary by unit and specialty. Collaborate as part of healthcare teams. Salary: $37.02 to $45.17 hourly. Generous defined benefit pension and benefits. How to Apply: Visit the Application page here Health PEI offers financial incentives up to $13,000 for nurses immigrating to work on beautiful Prince Edward Island. Apply today. These are just a sample of the many excellent nursing jobs across Canada that actively recruit and sponsor foreign nurses to fill shortages. New openings are posted daily. The key is finding roles that expressly state they offer “visa sponsorship”, are “sponsoring foreign RNs” or are “LMIA” positions. This confirms they will handle your work permit and support your immigration. Landing a sponsored Canadian nursing job takes persistence and a targeted approach. Have all required credentials ready. Highlight work authorization and English ability upfront in applications. Convey your soft skills and interest in the employer. Interview strategically. Follow up vigorously. With major nursing shortages nationwide, Canada offers incredible opportunities to launch your international nursing career through visa sponsorships. Get job-ready and go grab your ideal nursing position today! You’ll find amazing work experiences, high salaries and a wonderful life as an immigrant nurse in Canada.

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