Top 5 Best Schools To Study Cybersecurity In Los Angeles

5 Best Schools To Study Cybersecurity In Los Angeles: In one of our last published articles we talked about the 5 Best Cybersecurity universities in Dallas and Denton which we believed was helpful, we continued our research to bring to you 5 best schools to study Cybersecurity in Los Angeles.

Cyber securty is known as the practice of protecting computers,networks, servers, and data from malicious attacks or unauthorized usage. Cybersecurity fields give you a lots of amazing job opportunities across the world which is why it is one of the most lucrative and important course in the world.

If you are resident of Los Angeles and you are looking for best schools to study Cybersecurity, then this article is for you.

5 Best Schools To Study Cybersecurity In Los Angeles:

1. Los Angeles City:

School WebsiteVisit Website.
Type of UniversityPublic
Campus address855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029
Annual Tuition feeOut-of-State: $8,570
In state: $1,238.
Contact Info:+1 323-953-4000
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Los Angeles City College is one of the best schools in Los Angeles to study Cybersecurity. The public college is situated at Vermont Avenue in East Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles City College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Cybersecurity. Embarking on this degree program will give you a certification-as-you-go- learning structure. You will be ready to write CompTIA certification exams after completing your course as these certs are highly recognized in the whole world.

The Courses you could take when offering the program in LACC includes, Cybersecurity Concept, Computer Software and Hardware, Computer Forensic, Visual Basic and Python programming languages and Network Architecture principles.


2. Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles (Chalon Campus):

School WebsiteVisit Website.
Type of UniversityPrivate
Campus address12001 Chalon Road Los Angeles, CA 90049
Annual Tuition fee$44,474
Contact Info:+1 310-954-4000
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Mount Saint Mary’s University is an independent, non-profit private university meant for ladies. The institution is owned by Catholics and 90% of the students are women.

The school offers two-degree programs for those who wish to study Cybersecurity in Los Angeles.

Mount Saint Mary’s University offers a B.S (Bachelor of Science) in Cybersecurity and B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in information technology focusing on Cybersecurity.

These programs will enhance your knowledge in the cyber world and also enable you to prevent computer-related crimes. The world has evolved and keeping online information secure and safe is now an important need.

Also, the B. A in information technology will help prepare you to be a professional in the field of Cybersecurity and you would be able to shape the cyber industry as a Cyber Security Major.

Below is the uniqueness of being a Cybersecurity major at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

✓ Criminology background:

Mount Saint Mary’s University’s criminology program will provide you with more understanding of Cybersecurity’s legal and security aspects when you take a double major or Minor program.

✓ Past Faculty:

Mount Saint Mary has one the best and most trained Cybersecurity analyst ad professionals faculty who has been in the field for a long. With their mature experiences, they will lecture you about it.

In their small size class, you will be able to receive one and one attention you needed.

✓ Hands-on learning:

The institution’s Cybersecurity Major program uniqueness grows down to trying it yourself with their Hands on learning package. You will have access to real-world experience and also the art laboratories.

✓ Well-rounded approach:

Their Cybersecurity program is programmed to meet the demands of government and industry. You will learn the non-technical and technical aspects of Cybersecurity from the courses you will offer.

3. Los Angeles Mission College:

School WebsiteVisit Website
Type of UniversityPublic
Campus address13356 Eldridge Avenue Sylmar, CA 91342
Annual Tuition feeOut-of-State: $8,570
In-State: $1,238
Contact Info:+1 818-364-7600
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This school is a public college located in Los Angeles, California. The college is accredited by the WASC accrediting commission for community and junior colleges.

Los Angeles mission college offers a cyber security Associate program for students willing to study cyber security in the school.

The Certification in Cyber Security will grant you the necessary and accurate skills to pass the Network+ and Security+ certificates. The program also builds students to become a Cybersecurity Specialist, Security Analyst and a Forensic Science Technician.

Below are some of the skills you will have after the competition of this course.

  • Students can find problems and repair computer systems and network problems.
  • Students will be able to prepare and be eligible to sit for A+, Network+, and Security+ certificates.

Note that Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $39,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $117,000 according to the school website.

4. Pacific States University:

School WebsiteVisit Website
Type of UniversityPrivate
Campus address3424 Wilshire Blvd., 12th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA
Annual Tuition fee$12,960
Contact Info:+1 323-731-2383
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This is a private and independent university established in the year 1928. You can study Cybersecurity at Pacific State University as their Master of Science in Cybersecurity program will help you with in-depth knowledge in major areas of computer Engineering and Science which includes;Secure Software development, Vulnerability detection, Cyber protection, Cryptography, Low-level programming, Wireless and wired networking and Rules and regulations of Cyber operations..

The program has 30 units and is meant for one year with constant projects, assignments, and hands-on labs.

Below are their Admission Criteria;

  • Bachelor’s degree:
  • You must show a 3.0/4.0-grade point average on an official university transcript for the last 69 units of undergraduate study.
  • Also, Educational qualifications and/or work experience in:
  • Data Structures (equivalent to COMP 053)
  • Discrete Math (equivalent to COMP 047) is needed.
  • Two letters of recommendation:

The recommendation should be a statement discussing academic or industry credentials and also knowledge of Cybersecurity foundation topics and the passion for the course you want to study.

Note: You would need to undergo the “Test of English as a foreign language” if your first language is not English. You would need to score 550 (paper), and 213 (Computer) to gain admission.

5. California State University, Northridge:

School WebsiteVisit Website
Type of UniversityPublic
Campus address18111 Nordhoff Street Northridge, CA 91330
Annual Tuition feeOut-of-State: $18,897.
In-State: $7,017.
Contact Info:+1 818-677-1200
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This list best university on our list is the California State University, Northridge situated in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The public university offers a Cybersecurity program and is recommended as one of the school schools to study Cybersecurity.

Bachelor of Science in computer information technology is one of their related Cybersecurity program designed for students who are interested in a professional career.

You would be able to solve and understand the computer-related problem and computer systems respectively. Students who wish to study Cybersecurity in this institution are recommended to go for the B.S degree in computer information technology you would be built to be an IT professional.

You would also learn to become a cyber analyst, project manager, or data center manager and also know about security and information assurance.

Program Requirements

You would require 120 total units of major core courses and general education requirements to enroll in the B.S in computer information technology program. To successfully graduate, a student must complete a minimum of 18 residency units from the list of upper division required courses listed below in addition to all other institutional residency requirements.


These schools listed above will help turn your passion into reality as the are the best schools to study Cybersecurity so far Los Angeles is concerned. Use the comment section to tell us some best schools we can write about.


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