Top 7 Best Birmingham Islamic Secondary Schools

This article outline the Best Birmingham Islamic Secondary Schools and also provide vital information about this schools which includes their locations, website and other handy informations.

Birmingham Islamic Secondary Schools

Birmingham is a major city in England’s West Midlands region, with multiple Industrial Revolution-era landmarks that speak to its 18th-century history as a manufacturing powerhouse. With a population of 1.149 million, it is considered as the second most populated UK City after London..

Scholarspoll’s aim is to help parents make the most appropriate choices with secondary school’s selection. To do this, we explore some of the best non-selective Islamic secondary schools in Birmingham and have outlined it below.

After deep research, We at Scholars Poll has outlined Birmingham Islamic Secondary Schools (NB: Our opinion)

1. Darul Uloom Islamic High School of Bimingham:

  • Founded: 1984
  • Gender: Boy
  • Address: 511 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0LL, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 688 6507

The Darul Uloom Birmingham is an Islamic High School in Birmingham, England. It was established in 1984 by Jami Masjid and Islamic Centre Birmingham and is considered as one of the best high schools in Birmingham.

The school is well equipped and has quality teachers and are well known for providing quality education to students. The aim of the school is to offer a complete education by nurturing and developing every aspect of a student’s heart, mind and body so that they become creative thinkers, conscientious leaders and sincere believers. DUIHS combines 1443 years of rich Islamic History and tradition with the 21st century needs of students living in modern day Britain. They provide an exceptional all-round Islamic and secular education for boys of secondary school age.

2. Green Oak Academy – Moseley:

  • Gender: Girls
  • Address: 11-15 Woodstock Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B13 9BB, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +441214496690

Green Oak Academy is an independent school in Birmingham. It’s an Independent Islamic Girls’ Secondary School and Islamic Education Centre based in Moseley, Birmingham with a particular focus of striving to nurture Islamic values in students based on the teachings of pious traditional scholars.

The school is operated under the guidance of Scholars and Academics who have served the Muslim community for over 15 years and who have a track-record of offering high-quality services.

3. Heritage Academy

  • Gender: Boys
  • Address: 327 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 0DX, United Kingdom

Heritage Academy is an independent Islamic Secondary School for Boys between the ages of 11 to 16. Heritage Academy curriculum helps students to attain academic excellence and outstanding results in their examinations. The vision and fbthe school is to provide world-class education, training and care for everyone, whatever their background.

Heritage Academy is dedicated towards developing students’ character, resilience, mental and physical well-being and they also will make sure that students have the chance to reach their potential and live a more fulfilled life. To achieve this, Heritage Academy has ensure that all their teachers are highly qualified experts in each of their respective fields.

4.  Birchfield Independent Girls’ School

  • Gender: Girls
  • Address: 30 Beacon Hill, Aston, Birmingham B6 6JU, United Kingdom

Birchfield Independent Girls’ School is a Secondary school for Girls from the age 11-17. The school is located in West Midlands County, West Midlands.

Birchfield Independent Girls School (BIGS) is one of the growing independent secondary school in Birmingham and they exists to provide an excellent Islamic education for the girls of Birmingham. The school provide schooling that works towards the development of the whole child in a dynamic, spiritual and purposeful community. Clear communication, positive relationships, real life experiences and a richly varied curriculum are all integral components in the educational journey of our girls.

5. Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah:

  • Gender: Girl
  • Address: 18 Dixon Rd, Small Heath, Birmingham B10 0BP, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 773 7496

Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School is a Secondary, Girls, Islam school located in West Midlands County, West Midlands. It’s an Islamic Secondary School for Girls from the age of 11-16 years and Islamic faith underpins everything they do. The school strivws to see students happy, safe, and confident muslimas, who are successful in life, with a desire to benefit the community and have an impact on the world. Our girls are encouraged to demonstrate core Islamic values of kindness, truthfulness, and justice.

They have curriculum and daily activities that incorporates daily prayers, weekly Quran reading, regular charitable activities, assemblies that that encourage our young girl to reflect on the religious and spiritual aspects of their lives and on their roles in society. 

6.  Jamia Islamia Birmingham

  • Address: Fallows Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1PL, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 772 6400

Jamia Islamia Birmingham is a Secondary in Birmingham for Boys from age 11-19 yr. It’s known as the College of Islamic Knowledge and Guidance, established in February 2000 for the education of boys. The school was established to provide the Muslim community of the United Kingdom a comprehensive, positive and inclusive
understanding of Islam as well as secular education in a secure Islamic environment.  The school is very committed in raising
standards of achievement and ensuring a culture of high expectations and success for every pupil. Their GCSE results are well above national averages and in addition to that they have had over 100 Hufaz graduate through our outstanding Hifz programme and over 100 Aalims have graduated from our Aalimiya studies.

7.  Al-Huda Girls School

  • Gender: Girls
  • Address: 74-76 Washwood Heath Rd, Saltley, Birmingham B8 1RD, United Kingdom

Al-Huda Girls School is an Independent Islamic Secondary School in Birmingham for Girls and the ethos of the school is one of equality of opportunity for young British Muslim girls, enabling them to understand and become integrated members of British society.

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