Top 6 Best Secondary Schools In Birmingham For Boys

This article outline the Best Secondary Schools In Birmingham for Boys and also provide vital information about this schools which includes their locations, website and other handy informations.There are a lots of good Secondary Schools for Boys in Birmingham. These Boys’ Secondary Schools attracts families with secondary school-age children to the region. With over thousands of secondary schools to choose from, people now tends to prefer a single gender school for their child. Boys secondary schools can be found throughout the UK; some are highly sought-after by parents. These non-selective schools are often the best equipped to offer a world-class education for boy-child, with all the facilities needed to allow students to reach their full potential.

Best Secondary Schools In Birmingham for Boys:

Birmingham is a major city in England’s West Midlands region, with multiple Industrial Revolution-era landmarks that speak to its 18th-century history as a manufacturing powerhouse. With a population of 1.149 million, it is considered as the second most populated UK City after London..

Let’s say just relocated to Birmingham or your son is of on the verge of enrolling into the secondary level and you don’t know the best school to choose for him or her, then this article will help you out. Choosing the right school for your child sometimes can be a daunting task.

We all know, every parent wants their child to get off on the right footing in their life. Finding the best school match is very important hence while we listed the best Secondary Schools in Birmingham for Boys. Also you can read our previous articles if you don’t find the perfect school from this one.

Scholarspoll’s aim is to help parents make the most appropriate choices with secondary school’s selection. To do this, we explore some of the best non-selective Boys secondary schools in Birmingham. Non-selective state schools accept students regardless of aptitude. A selective state school chooses students on the basis of academic ability

After deep research, We at Scholars Poll has outlined top secondary schools in Birmingham for Boys (NB: Our opinion)

1.  Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham:

Eden Boys’ School is a secondary school for boys aged 11-18. Eden Boys’is a Muslim faith-based secondary school that was established on September 2015. The goal of the school is to provide educational excellence from within a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, which extends beyond the school into the wider community.

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2.  King’s Norton Boys’ School

King’s Norton Boys’ School is a secondary school for boys aged 11 to 16. The school is located in Northfield Road in Kings Norton within the formal district of Northfield near the centre of the city of Birmingham, England. The vision of the school is to provide quality education for all students.

  • Founded: 1912
  • Address: Northfield Rd, Birmingham B30 1DY, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 628 0010

3.  King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School For Boys:

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, formerly and commonly Handsworth Grammar School, is a grammar school that admits boys from the age of eleven.  The school was founded in 1862 and is located in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. It is arguably one of the best secondary schools in Birmingham that offers quality education to boys from the age of 11 to 16.

  • Founded: 1862
  • Address: Grove Ln, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9ET, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 554 2794

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4.  King Edward’s School

King Edward’s School is an independent day school for boys in the British public school tradition. The school is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham and was Founded in 1552 by King Edward.  it is part of the Foundation of the Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham. It is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference. 

The School offers a rich and vibrant educational experience to boys and they wishes their students to attend their school to not only love to learn but want to take part in all of the opportunities that the School provides. The school has a lot of  substantial co-curricular programme which includes extensive opportunities to participate in sport and the performing arts which further gives students the enrich their skills and also learn what it takes to take on the challenges of the world.

  • Founded: 1552
  • Address: Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2UA, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 472 1672

5.  Lordswood Boys’ School

Lordswood Boys’ School is a secondary school in Birmingham for boys and it is  located in the Harborne area of Birmingham, in the West Midlands of England. The school was founded in September 1957, ten years later it had changed to a grammar school and subsequent years later to a comprehensive school.

The aim of the school is to provide quality education to every member of the community so that they can be successful. Also, the school hopes that through strong academic and pastoral support, the school provide a safe and respectful environment where our students can achieve.

  • Founded: September 1957
  • Address: Meadow Court, 310 Hagley Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B17 8DJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 464 2837

Website: Lordswood Boys’School

6.  Kings Heath Boys:

Kings Heath Boys is a boys’ community school located in Kings Heath, south Birmingham, England. It has a comprehensive admissions policy, and in 2019 had an enrolment of 582 pupils ages 11–16.

  • Address: School, Kings Heath Boys, Chamberlain Rd, Birmingham B13 0QP, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 121 464 4454


Does Birmingham have good schools?

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom and the city has a lot of quality schools of all caliber. Independent, State owned, Grammar Schools, Private and religious affiliated schools.

For the best single gender school (Boys secondary school) in Birmingham, King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School For Boys, Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham, and Kings Heath Boys are highly rated by many.
And for top ranked only girl’s high schools in Birmingham, the likes of St Paul’s School for Girls, and Swanshurst School are highly rated.

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is Birmingham a posh city?

Even the ‘posh’ parts of Birmingham are not entirely posh. You will find less affluent streets and estates in all of them. However the fairly universally-acknowledged posh areas are Harborne, Edgbaston, Moseley, Bournville and Sutton Coldfield. Solihull borders Birmingham but is a separate Metropolitan Borough.

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