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Working your first job as a teen is an important milestone and McDonald’s is one of the largest employers of teens in the United States. In this article, we will discuss the variety of positions available to teens, the application and hiring process, typical responsibilities, scheduling considerations and tips for success.

McDonald’s understands that teens have school and activities to balance with work, so they offer flexible part-time scheduling and training to help you build skills for your future. Let’s get started exploring opportunities at McDonald’s near you!

Available Positions for Teens

There are a few main entry-level positions teens can apply for at McDonald’s:

Crew Member

As a crew member, you’ll be taking orders, serving customers through the drive-thru or counter, preparing food and restocking supplies under the guidance of experienced team members. Crew members are the backbone of McDonald’s restaurants and this general role allows you to learn skills in both front-of-house and back-of-house operations.


If you enjoy interacting with customers, being a cashier lets you directly take orders and payments. In this role, you’ll operate the POS system to input orders and process cash, credit and debit transactions quickly and accurately. Strong math skills are beneficial.

Cook/Food Preparer

For teens that like working behind the scenes more, being a cook lets you focus on preparing food items like burgers, chicken, fries and other menu items according to McDonald’s standards. You’ll work closely with other kitchen staff to fulfill orders and ensure quality.

The Application and Hiring Process

The first step is to check available positions by visiting and clicking on “search jobs.” This will allow you to search openings by location or type of position. Next, you can apply online by creating a profile and submitting your application and resume.

After applying, expect the interview process to begin. First interviews are usually conducted by phone to assess customer service skills and availability. If successful, you’ll be invited to in-person interviews where you can learn more about the role and demonstrate your fit for the company culture.

Background checks and drug tests may also be conducted depending on state laws for teen workers. McDonald’s aims to make hiring decisions quickly so most candidates learn their status within 2 weeks. If hired, you’ll complete mandatory onboarding and training before starting your first shift.

Typical Schedules and Responsibilities

The majority of McDonald’s jobs for teens are part-time hourly positions under 20-25 hours per week maximum depending on your age and state laws. This allows balancing a job with school and activities. You can expect:

  • Weekday and weekend daytime or evening shifts catered to your availability
  • Set work schedules provided at least 1 week in advance
  • Timekeeping through McDonald’s app or store systems
  • Required completion of interactive online/classroom training programs
  • Day-to-day tasks including food prep, customer service, cleaning routines

Tips for Success as a Teen Worker

Working your first job takes adjustment but focusing on these things will help you succeed:

  • Reliability is key – show up on time with a good attitude ready to learn.
  • Ask questions until you fully understand tasks and procedures.
  • Always put safety first regarding food handling, chemical use and more.
  • Strive to provide excellent customer service with a smile.
  • Respect coworkers and managers by following instructions the first time.
  • Inform your employer immediately about any upcoming scheduling changes.

Be willing to take on new responsibilities as you gain experience. View this job as an opportunity to develop important skills for your future career path. Staying dedicated will lead to positive references and potential for raise or promotion.


What is the starting pay for a teen at McDonald’s?

Pay rates vary by location but federal minimum wage for teens under 20 is $4.25 per hour while some states have higher minimums closer to $10-13 per hour. Ask the hiring manager what to expect for your position and location.

How many hours can a high school student usually work?

Most states limit hours for teens under 16 to 18 or fewer per week when school is in session. For 16-17 year olds, limits are typically around 20 hours per week. Your employer will work within the legal guidelines for your age.

What should I wear to an interview?

For a McDonald’s interview, dress code is business casual. This means neat pants or skirt with a polo or blouse. No jeans, shorts, athletic wear or flashy accessories. Conservative and professional is best. Always be well groomed.

How long will training take before I can start working?

McDonald’s provides comprehensive virtual and in-person job training that usually takes 1-2 weeks total to complete depending on the role. Expect both classroom and hands-on training before independently performing tasks.

What benefits can employees earn?

Benefits may include free or discounted McDonald’s meals during shifts, opportunities for raises, college tuition assistance for select employees, flexible scheduling, applicable work experience and references.


Working at McDonald’s is a great first job opportunity for teens looking to earn income while building skills. With variety in positions, commitment to flexible scheduling and strong training programs, McDonald’s strives to provide an excellent first work experience. Use this guide to help you navigate applying and preparing for success. Good luck in your job search – I hope this article was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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